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  • disney

    10 Disney Animals Re-imagined As Humans Is Just Brilliant!

    Pugletto, a young freelance artist from Wisconsin has been blowing the internet since a few days with her amazing illustrations of Disney’s animal characters re-imagined as humans,which are mostly from The Lion King which happens to be her favorite show. She is terrific at what she does and here are a few images of what […]

  • ocean

    9 Of The Scariest Pictures Of Ocean To Give You Serious Nightmares

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone speaks up the word ‘OCEAN’ in front of you? Maybe some will say it to be beautiful because of their love towards nature; some may call it mundane and rest others may call it one of the scariest places. Scary? Yes, the ocean […]

  • taken

    14 Ridiculous Selfies That Should Have Never Been Taken

    Selfies are typically safe images that you take in order to feel better about yourself. You take on a persona and you want to capture your poses and facial expressions. Selfies are also great to preserve the special moments with your friends during spectacular or even ordinary events. However, there are some selfies that should […]

  • tasks

    10 Hopeless People Who Failed In Completing The Simplest Tasks

    When someone asks what’s the man’s greatest strength, what do you say? Do you say it’s human intelligence? His creativity? Or something else? Well, whatever you decide to say, you should also consider that man’s great talent of screwing up basically everything! May it be something as big as the ecological balance of the environment, […]

  • tips

    9 Awesome Tips On How To Kiss A Guy For The First Time

    Hey girls, are you new in a relationship? And are you the one who has never kissed a guy before? If YES, then I must say this article is for you. And, no matter if your answer is NO. Take a look back to your past. Being a girl, I can understand the situation very […]

  • girl

    4-Year-Old Girl Honors Her Late Mother By Wearing Her Wedding Dress For A Photo Shoot

    Coming out of a trauma of losing a mother is not only difficult but also devastating. A 4-year old girl Nora Davis had lost her mother Amber, who was suffering from cervical cancer. Amber was married to Derek Davis in the year 2011. Keeping the grief aside, Nora and her father sort to do something […]

  • artist

    This Russian Artist Carves Incredible Sculptures With Pencil Leads

    We have always wanted the tip of our pencils to be sharp so as to carve the best possible writing and therefore never bore it to be in any other shape. Russian artist Salavat Fidai thought of doing something different with the leads of the pencils. He uses an X-ACTO knife with the help of […]

  • pilots

    Most Gorgeous Female Pilots Who Proved That Beauty With Bravery Exists

    Women today are ahead of men in all walks of life. They are no more restricted to the kitchen and doing laundry and have managed to move out and climb the heights of success. When society refused to help them grow, women decided to help themselves. As they say, God helps them who help themselves, […]

  • hair

    OMG! I Never Thought A Regular Ingrown Hair Could Be That Creepy

    Just try to remember the creepiest thing you have ever seen. The pimple growing out of a girl’s ear, glass inside a guy’s arm and breast-sized tumor; think of them all. And now, go through the images below and redefine the term ‘creepy’. Look, at this weird and curly hair on his cheeks He tried […]

  • neighbor

    18 Ultimate Hilarious Neighbor Texts To Troll Your Annoying Neighbour.

    Watch and learn 1.Is Missy Invited? 2.Even Sleep Issue Up Her? 3.Killed a Hooker,Lol 4.He has no problem in doing so 5.That seems so sweet 6.What the heck is that? 7.Do you know that slut? 8.You wore that yesterday too? 9.To hell with your dreams 10.Bam Bam Bam, WTF? 11.Boys will be Boys 12.Where do […]

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