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    ‘Prehistoric’ Shark Was Found In Japan. This Creature Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

    It’s not every day that humans get a glimpse of the exceedingly rare frilled shark. Yet Reuters reports that a fisherman noticed the sea creature swimming near Awashima Marine Park in Shizuoka, Japan, back in January 2007. Park staff moved swiftly to capture it and told Reuters that the frilled shark, which typically dwells at […]

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    Mom Holds Lifeless Newborn In Her Arms, But Don’t Take Your Eyes Off His Hand

    An ad for a Thai baby product company has people on the Internet getting all teary-eyed for its message of hope and perseverance. The ad by Babi Mild, “A Mother’s Intuition,” centers around a mom in a hospital. She has just given birth to twins.When she goes to look at her twins in the delivery […]

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    An Unusual-looking Feline Has Ensnared The Internet With Its Mind-boggling Coat

    This bewitching Bengal cat has everyone seeing spots — and stripes. With the spots of a leopard and the stripes of a tiger, this cat looks like a creature straight out of the jungle. His unique marking has many skeptics crying Photoshop foul, but his unbelievably wild coat is, in fact, authentic. Thor is a […]

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    Nobody Could Identify What’s Wrong In These Pictures, Can You?

    Pictures are meant to tell a story without the use of words. After all, each and every picture can evoke great emotions among the viewers. However, there are also the images that can be quite tricky to decipher. In fact, one certain picture of a boat is making people scratch their heads. Read on! Here […]

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    In 250 Million Years, Earth May Only Have One Super Continent

    Fight, War, Blood! Can you relate this? Think! The whole world is fighting for one reason, and that is ‘boundaries’. Ever imagined how feasible the World without boundaries would be? People have created boundaries between lands, oceans have boundaries as well, is there anything else left? How can we forget the sky? Even the sky […]

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    International Space Station Gets Caught On A Video And You Too Can Track ISS

    Recently, a video of International Space Station went viral on the internet. It was recorded by a skygazer in Shimla. The video shows ISS moving at a speed of 7.6 kilometers per second, at an orbital height of 400 kilometers. Read on for more information and don’t forget to view the incredible video of ISS […]

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    10 Disney Animals Re-imagined As Humans Is Just Brilliant!

    Pugletto, a young freelance artist from Wisconsin has been blowing the internet since a few days with her amazing illustrations of Disney’s animal characters re-imagined as humans,which are mostly from The Lion King which happens to be her favorite show. She is terrific at what she does and here are a few images of what […]

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    9 Of The Scariest Pictures Of Ocean To Give You Serious Nightmares

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone speaks up the word ‘OCEAN’ in front of you? Maybe some will say it to be beautiful because of their love towards nature; some may call it mundane and rest others may call it one of the scariest places. Scary? Yes, the ocean […]

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    14 Ridiculous Selfies That Should Have Never Been Taken

    Selfies are typically safe images that you take in order to feel better about yourself. You take on a persona and you want to capture your poses and facial expressions. Selfies are also great to preserve the special moments with your friends during spectacular or even ordinary events. However, there are some selfies that should […]

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    10 Hopeless People Who Failed In Completing The Simplest Tasks

    When someone asks what’s the man’s greatest strength, what do you say? Do you say it’s human intelligence? His creativity? Or something else? Well, whatever you decide to say, you should also consider that man’s great talent of screwing up basically everything! May it be something as big as the ecological balance of the environment, […]

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