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    You’ll Never Use Public Restroom Hand Dryers After Knowing This

    When we travel to places, we surely use public restrooms. While some of them are perfectly maintained and seem to be quite clean, some others are awful enough to compel us to NOT pay heed to nature’s calls. But, when we encounter a hand dryer, we assume that it can cause no harm as what […]

  • dumb

    7 Times People Took Their Dumb Problems To Mechanic And Got Trolled Badly

    It is funny how we can find out the humor in almost everything around us. Our daily life exposes us to the hidden humor inherent in everything. Since, laughter is the best medicine, this is a point to be noted well. And, as they say, why to be serious, when you cannot get outta here […]

  • sittng

    You’ve Been Sitting Wrong At Your Workplace Your Entire Life

    This pace of life makes us ignorant towards our health. We never really stop and pause for a moment to think about our well-being, and only focus on the job at hand. Sometimes, we even go to the extent of fogetting to sip in enough water. To remind you of it, read these awesome benefits […]

  • vintage

    Four Easy Steps To Stunning Vintage Eye Makeup From 60’s

    Makeup is not something that is used to hide your true self, but to bring out the best in you. If that thick eyeliner, dramatic lashes, and contrasting colors from back in the 60’s appealed you, and if you at times wish to do eye makeup yourself rather than loosening out your pocket at a […]

  • tummy

    Know What Your Tummy Says About You

    Just turn your head down and see how your tummy looks like. You might not know what your belly says about your lifestyle. The way you spend your days determines the shaping of your stomach. Below are the tummy types and the techniques to beat them. 1. A Spare Tyre Tummy You have a sedentary […]

  • hate

    14 Celebrities Who Hate Each Other

    Fights are bad, but when they go public, the scene gets nasty. And feuds are not a rare in the glamour world. Gossips, fights and romance should stay behind closed doors, but unfortunately celebrities have a public label even on their personal lives. There is nothing they can hide. So, let us have a look […]

  • pregnant

    Everyday Problems Of A Pregnant Woman Hilariously Illustrated By A Mom

    To most of the world, pregnancy is all about a baby bump, no alcohol, mood-swings and a painful delivery. But the reality is far beyond that. Of course a mother forgets most of the pain and troubles of pregnancy once she holds her cute little newborn in her arms, but the journey of nine months […]

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    22 Beautiful Same Sex Wedding Photos That Show Love Is Powerful

    Do you know that June is celebrated as LGBT Pride Month? It is remembered and celebrated in the honor of the Stonewall Riots. At Stonewall Inn, New York, violent demonstrations were made against a police raid on 28 June 1969 by LGBT community. The event is known for the biggest step in gay liberation movement […]

  • odd

    15 Adorable But Odd Couples Who Totally Prove Love Is Blind.

    Life is all about living it to the fullest and love plays a major role in our lives. People say love is blind, they are absolutely true. When we fall in love, we don’t see how the person looks or how much bank balance he has. There are some odd couples who force us to […]

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