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  • colors

    Ever Wondered Why Capsules Have Two Different Colors?

    Why will someone on the earth want to take capsules which are most of the times sour in taste? The answer is simple- because you are SICK and there is no sense in revolting against this. When I was taking a capsule, I observed something weird. Why do capsules have two different colors? Is there […]

  • disney

    Artists Imagined Disney Princesses As Pregnant Mothers And It Will Warm Your Heart With Love

    We all, as children, have been fans of Disney princesses. Snow white, Cinderella, Elsa, and all others fought their own battles and each had a happily-ever-after with her prince. But, have you ever wondered how would it have been if their lives after that were depicted? Well, a Massachusetts-based artist has created the depictions for […]

  • couple

    This Couple was getting Married but what happened next will make you Jealous.

    Richard Owen and Katy Lomas were exchanging vows at Wentworth Castle in Barnsley when a heavy rainfall suddenly started. The couple’s wedding was almost ruined when the weather grew bad. They were almost drowned by the hurricane Bertha. There was lot more worse to come. Speaking to Mail Online, architect Katy said: ‘I look back […]

  • house

    Owner Of A 1950s House Comes Back After 56 Years And Does This To His Home

    I don’t know what is the reason behind the color pink to relate it with females but yes, all the ladies will fall in love with the pink kitchen which I am going to show you. I bet that this ostentatious kitchen will also make the males have a second thought before renovating their home’s […]

  • chinese

    Chinese Woman Bends Down To Kiss A Crocodile, What Happens Next Will Shock You

    The world’s most populated nation China has its fair share of weird stuff happening around from time to time. The Asian nation has been surprising the world with the most extreme of ways. The Chinese who build the world’s first passenger drones are also the one who ask for the government’s permission for reincarnation. In […]

  • aligator

    They Captured World’s Biggest Alligator And What They Found Next Is Out Of The World

    Wild animals experience the right sense of freedom. I must say they are extremely cool ones. They roam in forests freely, hunt for themselves. Just like we people, they try to prosper and stay alive and in that process of surviving they carry the fear of being hunted every day. Nowadays people hunt animals for […]

  • heart

    Scientists Grow Full-Sized Human Heart In Lab Using Stem Cells

    Each year, there are nearly 4,000 Americans awaiting heart transplants but only 2,000 of them receive hearts. What happens to the others? Of course, they pass away. Even if a patient receives a heart, there are various complications and the body can also throw off an auto-immune reaction which could result in the body’s own […]

  • iphone

    Guy Drops iPhone 7 Plus From The World’s Tallest Building (Video)

    Tech YouTuber did a drop test with the newly launched iPhone 7 plus. Let’s check out the complete instance to find what exactly happened to the iPhone. Here is the safety precaution! World’s tallest building. One YouTuber has investigated whether iPhone 7 Plus can survive against the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. […]

  • samsung

    Another Samsung Explosion Caused Serious Injury & It’s Not Note 7 This Time

    Another Samsung explosion caused trouble for Samsung again. Recently, Galaxy Note 7’s battery issue has been the most infamous scam ever to hit the mobile market. Because of it, Samsung stopped selling the Note 7 globally. Samsung promised it would be back soon with complete tests. Recently a man sued a case against Samsung regarding […]

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