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  • time

    15 Perfectly Timed Photos That You’ll See For The First Time

    Uhhh… your clicks are not good! This disappointing line is the one which I think each one of you must have heard at least once from your friend. It is not easy to capture the best pose everytime. So, according to me, being a good photographer is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, here is […]

  • ebay

    13 Times eBay Screwed These People’s Expectation Really Well

    Life has become very convenient for all of us since the emergence of online shopping sites. We are thankful to them as we can choose and purchase almost anything from books and film tickets to clothing and airline tickets using the computer or mobile app. But, the online experience doesn’t always turn out well at […]

  • miners

    Diamond Miners Found Mysterious Mummified Animal That’s Puzzling The Scientists

    We all have an interest in the discoveries that spring up every day and here we have something new for you. Well, Siberian frost is not novel in giving us the discoveries of perfectly fossiled remains of something weird and this time, a group of miners has found something bizarre in the regions of Siberia, […]

  • egg

    Russian Guy Injects This Weird Thing To An Egg And Gets A Shocking Result

    Humans never lack silly stuff to do. Moreover, we oftentimes have ‘spur of the moment’ inquiries at the back of our mind that make us go so crazy. Admit it, there’s such moment which has happened to your life. May it be a simple experiment to a rocket science, people explore the wonders of the […]

  • bored

    11 Dirty Humor Pictures For Everyone Who Is Feeling Bored

    You all might have the weird habit of viewing things with that dirty mind, right? Well, that’s a human tendency. No one in this world can judge a person’s real character or personality. Neither your actions nor any mirror can speak of your image. But it is we ourselves who can know what captures our […]

  • day

    8 Ultimate Pictures You’ve Never Seen Before Will Make Your Day

    You can definitely click a perfect shot but not always, are you agree? But this photographer has nailed it just by clicking at the right moment. And there cannot be so many coincidences. Here is a collection of 9 most hilarious perfectly timed photos and they will force you to look them twice. 1. OMG, […]

  • facts

    15 Behind-The-Scenes Suicide Squad Facts No One Knew

    Suicide Squad has been one of the most popular movies of 2016. It gained wide popularity because of its star cast and the storyline. The movie has been released but there are some behind the scenes facts which you might have never heard of. Despite the various interviews with the stars, various things haven’t been […]

  • way

    11 Ultimate Photos To Help You Pass Your Time In The Best Way

    These are the images for which you’ve waited the entire week. Time to stop from your hectic life to relax and chill for the next 10 minutes. Here are the most epic and hilarious pics for the week. Just sit back and have a look at them because it will help you to laugh your […]

  • towel

    You’ll Be Shocked To Know Why This Guy Puts A Wet Towel On The Window Every Night

    We are constantly trying to find the ways to beat the heat. With these simple hacks, you’ll be cooler than you can imagine. These hacks are so simple that these can be done anywhere. You can try them after reading this and you won’t need any extra equipment to try them. Read the following tricks […]

  • message

    Chinese Rescuers Found A Dead Body With A Phone Carrying A Heartbreaking Message

    A photograph clicked on Aug. 31, 2008, showing firemen trying to take out two dead bodies after an earthquake struck Panzhihua city and Huili county in Sichuan, China, on Aug. 30 is going viral for a sad reason. Rescuers stumbled upon a woman under the rubble of a house. They were searching for people. The […]

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