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  • pizza

    She Dialed 911 And Ordered Pizza… What Happened Next Was A Wake-Up Call For Police

    A situation of emergency could arise at any point in time without any prior signs, and having a good presence of mind helps tackle such situations effectively. 911 often gets calls about such emergencies, but only a few of them turn out to be as memorable as this one, as the woman in question showed […]

  • russian

    The Way This Russian Girl Twerks Is Nothing That You’ve Seen Till Now

    I would definitely turn gay for some girls in the world, and Keat Mel is one of them. Keat Mel is a dancer from Novosibirsk, Russia and she can give Lexy Panterra a run for her money with her but-jiving talents. She is hot and sexy, and anyone could kill to have her body. Twerking […]

  • gym

    She Was Body Shamed At The Gym For A Shocking Reason

    Body shaming is wrong and it shouln’t be allowed at any cost. But this woman has to face body shaming at the gym because of her cloths. You might be wondering, what kind of cloths she was wearing due to which she was body shamed. But, I assure you, you’ll be shocked when you’ll get […]

  • tattoo

    This Girl Just Wanted A Free Tattoo But She Didn’t Expect This

    “Nothing is impossible for girls” – I truly accept this fact. Really if a girl decides something to do, it is sure that she would definitely do it by hook or crook. But sometimes things get reversed. And the girls get what they deserve in the end. Take an example of this girl only, she […]

  • mother

    Mother And Cirque Du Soleil Star Does Dangerous Stunts While Holding Her Kids

    Being a part of Cirque du Soleil is a fantastic thing because you get to travel the world while impressing people from many countries. As the biggest theatrical producer out there, Cirque du Soleil needs its performers to be the best in the world. Thankfully, Gaukhar Akhmetova-Atherton is a seriously skilled performer, so much so […]

  • muscles

    Mom Born With No Muscles Gives Birth To Miraculous Baby

    A doctor once said, “this woman can’t live more than her first birthday,” and now she has given birth to a healthy baby with no disabilities. Here is a story of Sheree Psaila, who is a fighter in real life. Despite her disability, she continued to live a normal life and gave birth to a […]

  • cooks

    Chinese Cooks Laugh Heartily As They Skin And Cook Rats

    Eating habits differ from culture to culture, and there’s no surprise there. But what is also true is how people from other cultures might feel certain habits despicable and repelling. Well, here’s an example that speaks loud enough for itself. Watch how Chinese cooks of a restaurant laugh heartily as they skin and boil live […]

  • act

    13 Bizarre Instances Of ‘Caught In The Act’

    We all have our embarrassing moments. And, all of us have done things that we are not proud of. These people here are the epic examples of the same. They made me laugh beyond my hysterics and these pictures will make you go ROFL as well… Let me start by a cute pet… When daydreams […]

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