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  • perry

    Katy Perry Walked Topless On Streets And The Pictures Are Trending All Over

    When elections are down the road, the candidates move heaven and earth to make sure that they make their way through the elections. They campaign in every possible way and so do their ardent supporters. And today’s story is an apt example of one such supporter of a US election candidate. Check out why Katy […]

  • roomates

    10 Times You Met Terrible Roommates In Your Life

    The world is full of unique people, or It would be better if I say, the world is full of shitty people. There are various times when you encounter an awkward situation and realize that your roommate was a real asshole. We live in a world where 90 percent of the people leave no chance […]

  • house

    130-Year-Old House Gets A Makeover To Restore Its Original Fame

    Everyone loves getting their homes renovated from time to time. Some do it as a part of necessity and some for fun, but one thing is sure that your home demands timely refurbishment and some ‘DIY- Do It Yourself’. And when all the repairs and fixing is done, you feel so loved and proud once […]

  • funny

    10 Reasons Every Girl Falls For The Funny Guy

    If you think about the type of guy you wanna date, would you think of ‘being funny’ as the first attribute? Probably not. But more often than not, women tend to be attracted to the funny ones because of a lot of reasons. Funny guys will always have great comebacks and they’ll never let the […]

  • marriage

    8 Truths About Marriage That’ll Make You Question Its Existence

    Love is such a special feeling; one cannot define it in words. Falling in love is the best thing that can ever happen to someone. Living it every single day, creating memories and nurturing such a beautiful relationship often results in a marriage. Marriage is hence choosing one another for a lifetime and maybe more […]

  • tourism

    10 Epic World Tourism Day Celebration Photos

    Every year on the 27th of September, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) observes the World Tourism Day. It got established on September 27, 1980, as it was on this day in the year 1970 that the Statutes of the UNWTO were adopted. The idea was proposed by a Nigerian citizen named Ignatius Amaduwa […]

  • cover

    Remember The Baby From Nirvana’s Album Cover? He Is Back After 25 Years

    If you were already a teen back in the late 1980s or during the early 1990s, you must have witnessed how Nirvana forever changed the face of grunge music and the totality of music in general. After all, so many people see Nirvana as one of the best rockers of all time. Even if you […]

  • school

    8 Heartwarming Photos Taken On The First And Last Day Of School

    Childhood and schooldays were something else entirely. They were one of the best days of our life, and having photographs, mementoes, or anything in general that reminds us of those days, is absolutely precious. And I know you agree. I mean, who won’t? Now, here we are with a collection of photos of people who […]

  • 332

    Gorgeous Wedding Dresses That Are Made Up Of Something You Can’t Imagine

    Wedding dresses are gorgeous – but here’s the thing about them: they cost, like, a lot! And the more gorgeous they are, the more they cost. But who doesn’t love to look stunning, right? So people have been searching for a long time now, a way to have the same gorgeousness at a much cheaper price. And this […]

  • girls

    10 Little Things Girls Do That Every Guy Notices

    Let’s face it, girls can crush on guys equally hard and go all gaga over him. Whether it’s getting a wardrobe makeover just so he would notice you or taking hours to get ready in the morning to look pretty, girls have done it all. But guys aren’t blind, they definitely notice the little things […]

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