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    7 Infamous Murders With Brutally Strange Motives

    Most of the times killers have a clear motive because of which they committed their crime, and those criminals don’t escape from the law. Our organized and intricate form of law enforcements make sure that these criminals are given their punishment and put behind the bars. But on a few occasions, such criminals will be […]

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    It Is Unsafe For Women To Travel By Plane, The Reasons May Surprise You!

    Traveling on a plane really freaks out people who travel on it for the first time. Some people have a hard time traveling on their first international flight even though they have flown on a plane before. But there are many for whom it is exciting. There is a girl, Dana, who was on her […]

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    He Rushes His Pregnant Girlfriend To The Doctor, But What He Finds Is A Nightmare

    He met her on an online dating site and just after two months of acquaintance they started dating each other. Paul Servat and his girlfriend, Barbara Bienvenue, lived in Montreal, Canada and were desperate to start a family and welcome their kids with all the zeal. But when he took her to the hospital to […]

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    11 Famous Celebrities Who Lost Their Virginity Before 18

    When it comes to sex, celebrities remain frank about it at times. In fact, some of the present generation celebs are bold enough in everything they do and this time they are open to discussing much more about their ‘first time’ in public. So it is rather shocking to see them openly talk about virginity […]

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    This Mother Shamed Her Son On Facebook And What She Said Will Shock You

    Terri Evan, a mother of a 12-year-old from the UK shamed her son on Facebook by showing her disgust for “Purposefully treading” on a new student’s shoes causing her heel to break. Terri took to Facebook and posted “If you so much as breathe in her or anyone’s direction in a bullying manner I will […]

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    Guy Pours Salt On The Beach, What Comes Out Is Hell Terrifying!

    Here is a little trick to catch all the attention at the beach. And in the process, catch some clam too. If you want to gross people out and make them look at you in a woah-that-guy’s-weird manner, here is your modus operandi.   First off we’d need some salt, and a beach too.   […]

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    Girlfriend Hides In Cheating Boyfriends’ Car Trunk And Live Tweets The Entire Scandal!

    Just when you thought that the present generation couldn’t get any crazier, a few days ago, Twitter had its own version of “Cheaters”. An overly suspicious girl suspected that her boyfriend wasn’t faithful. So, she hid in her trunk and instead of catching him red-handed, she decided to tweet the entire cheating scandal. Read the […]

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    10 Unusual Things About Twins You Should Know

    Having twins are the best thing a couple can ever experience. Twice happiness that comes in a single package like an evolutionary marvel. Twin connection is something that has been studied in medical science for years. Scientists have also researched a lot about this magical twin formations effect of nature that is felt by women’s […]

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    8 Brilliant Bathroom Inventions That Will Make Your Life Easier Than You Would Expect

    When you enter into the bathroom, what is the very first thought that strikes your mind? Talking about me, I’m the person who hates to be in cold places, and one of them, unfortunately, is the bathroom. And the reason behind hating is probably because a lot of functions at the bathroom aren’t easy. This […]

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