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    11 Cheesy Lies All Men Tell Their Girlfriend

    A relationship isn’t always perfect; it has some issues along with it. You might have faced the situations when your partner lies to you and make excuses for every mistake. Well, this is not the end. I have many more to share. Girls start keeping eyes to him. Here are some cheesy lies he makes […]

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    This Guy Lives In An Airplane In The Woods

    What do you see when you see a plane? I see a plane, something that takes me on holiday or travelling. Bruce Campbell sees a flying home, and when it’s not flying it has the potential just to be a home.   Bruce says that living in a Boeing 727 in the middle of the […]

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    ‘The Lion King’ Producer Reveals Shock Revelation About Mufasa And Scar

    The Lion King is hands down the best animated film of all time.   I flick between that and Toy Story, but more often than not, it’s Disney’s tale of anthropomorphic animals that proves itself to be King.     Not only are the voices impeccable (Rowan Atkinson as pesky bird, Zazu is my favourite), […]

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    Genius ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Theory Has Guessed Littlefinger’s Plan

    Warning: this article contains a fan theory that might end up being a Game of Thrones spoiler. It’s not a huge one, but if you want to go in knowing nothing, then probably best that you head off.   Right. Now it’s just us, we can discuss Petyr Baelish. He’s spent season seven quietly hanging […]

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    The Most Exciting Horror Movies Of 2018

    2018 is looking like it’s going to be a good year for fans of the horror genre.   With numerous movies slated for release, there’s going to be plenty to keep you all busy.   Check them out here:   God Particle The third Cloverfield movie, God Particle was originally supposed to hit screens in […]

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    McDonald’s Workers May Be Set To Strike For First Time In UK History

    McDonald’s is an addition that makes many an occasion. A night out wouldn’t be complete without a chicken legend, a hangover demands a wrap of the day, and a road trip practically requires some drive thru McNuggets. While McDonald’s has become such a constant presence in our lives (it’s hard to imagine ever being pushed […]

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    This Multi-Level Wooden Go-Kart Track Exists Because Mario Kart Is Real

    I’m being deadly serious when I say that go-karting is probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on and sober. It might even be the most fun you can have regardless of what you are or are not wearing. I’ve definitely had sex I didn’t enjoy, but I’ve never gone go-karting and […]

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    These Are The Worst Songs To Play At A Funeral According To Twitter

    My mum has this weird and very morbid habit that whenever she’s reminded of a song she loves, she says “Oooh I want this played at my funeral too”. To my knowledge she’s not dying, and if she is, it’s been a very long process because she’s been doing it for fucking years.   Nonetheless […]

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    This Is How Much Sex You Should Be Having, According To Your Age

    I LOVE SEX!   Sorry for shouting it at you, but it’s bloody marvellous, isn’t it?   This morning, I wrote an article where I vented about how disillusioned I am with sex – but on reflection – I think I was just in a bit of a bad mood because a) I’m not a […]

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    Pornhub Have Revealed The Most Popular Porn Categories Among Women

    Porn porn porn. Never heard of it. Apparently it’s people being filmed having sux… whatever that is.   One of the many sites that provide sux videos to the world is Pornhub, as you may know. Now, as many would have it, these sites’ traffic is mainly congested with men trying to get their cyber […]

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