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    This 40000 Years Old Narasimha Lion-Man Idol Is One Of The Biggest Mythological Discoveries

    There’s so much about the human mythology that we don’t know yet. You might come across various news stories about prehistoric findings which simply suggest that there is so much to explore. To sum things up, mythological discoveries are an ongoing process, it is happening every single day. The article talks about one such discovery […]

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    Women’s Breasts Become Smaller If They Drink This Everyday… Don’t Miss This

    Coffee is a wonderful drink that keeps everyone awake while working or studying. It smells great and tastes terrific, whether it is homemade or if it came from a cafe. However, a scientific study recently uncovered two effects of drinking coffee. Find out these two discoveries by reading the story below.   Coffee is amazing […]

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    10 Clever Signs That Are Ridiculously Funny. #7 Tops The List

    There are signs in the world that people are supposed to see and follow, but who really cares about them, right? They might be telling us something really important or something else, but we just don’t care, we might read them and just leave it at that. Application is one thing we only use in […]

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    7 Times Blonde Girls Proved ‘Beauty Comes With No Brain’, #6 Is Hilarious

    For women, the selfie has become their new meal. They will skip having dinners or meals at places but will never forget to take hundreds of selfies at a time. They are very conscious about their looks, appearance, and facial expression. Ladies always want to remain in shape and want to capture such stunning selfies […]

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    14 Childhood Colouring Book Photos Which Turned NSFW

    Normally, coloring books should be appropriate for children and to adults. But even if a drawing might be acceptable for children, any crazy or perverted child or adult can easily ruin the wonderful image just by adding a few objects, words, and giving some inappropriate coloring to the pictures. Here are 14 photos that should […]

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    In A Bid To Promote Equality, This Google Platform Is Smartly Solving Workers’ Problems

    Google, the American multinational technology company, is known for taking a string of initiatives that benefit its users, and also employees. The search engine giant has changed how the world functions and here’s the latest initiative by Google. ‘Yes, at Google!’ is an acknowledgment by Google that harassment, racism, and bias exist at workplaces. When […]

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    Finally, Mark Zuckerberg Gets His Harvard Degree 12 Years After Dropping Out (Speech Video)

    Founder of the biggest ‘social’ innovation of the 21st century so far, Mark Zuckerberg, who founded social media platform, Facebook has finally received his Harvard Degree after 12 years of living with the ‘dropped-out-but-millionaire’ label. Facebook, which was initially created as “The Facebook” was launched in the year 2004 by Zuckerberg from his college dormitory, […]

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    Six Times Frank Underwood Unleashes Terror

    Truth is supposed to be stranger than fiction except when it comes to House of Cards. I’ve been binge watching House of Cards ever since it began, and I’m totally hooked. The story revolves around Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), an American power hungry politician who wants to become the President at any cost. Frank, a […]

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    10+ Of The Funniest Reactions To Super Sad Pope Meeting The Trumps

    Being The Pope isn’t easy. Just ask Pope Francis. Or better still, just look at this picture of him posing with Donald Trump. He’s trying to smile. He really is. But some challenges are just too great, even for a man with God on his side. The hilariously awkward photograph was taken during Trump’s recent […]

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