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    This Application Can Let You Know If You Are Surrounded By Ghosts

    Ghosts and other paranormal activities are hard to believe, we all have different perspective about this supernatural activity. Well, keeping aside our perspective Selena Gomez fans are downloading ghost hunting app after she revealed that she believes in ghost and have one app to make sure she knows if there is any ghostly presence beside […]

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    NASA’s Announcement: Jupiter’s Moon Europa Has Possible Water Plumes

    NASA is making announcements on some unbelievable results of the observation campaign of Europa, i.e. Jupiter’s moon. During a press conference, the representatives of NASA are briefing whatever they discovered. Media conference is still going on. Read on to find the details. And stay tuned for more updates.   Hubble capturing images Hubble Space Telescope […]

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    Mars Got Hit By a Meteorite That Left A Mark (Video)

    Sometime between January 2014 and August 2016 (a large time frame for some, but in space years it’s hardly a moment), a meteorite hit Mars and left a pretty noticeable stain on the surface of the planet. Unluckily for Mars (and for the Earth), the planets are a target for stray pieces of space debris […]

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    5 Hard Hitting Facts That Reveal The Harsh Truth Of The World We Live In

    The words – ‘black and white’ has always meant so much to another word- ‘justice.’ Just like we think that there are two sides of the coin, we also consider the world we live in is either of the two colors but the grayer version of it exists, the much darker part which plays in […]

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    14 Worst Pickup Lines Ever And I Bet They Will Make Your Day

    Popular dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge etc have taken the world by storm, and the reason is not just that have proved to be a boon for all those singles out there, but also because of the pick-up lines that have largely been ineffective, lame, immature and entertaining. Here are 14 of the best […]

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    15 Guy Logics That Hold True For Every Male Stereotype

    There are certain gross things which are common for every man in the world. They have the same set of guy logics for specific situations. Guys like to discuss their logics with their companions only because it is difficult for the girls to understand their hardcore emotions. Here I am sharing 15 guy logics that […]

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    14 Sarcastic Jokes By Chandler Bing That Will Make A Hole In Your Belly

    Could he be any more funny? Well, if you’ve caught that, then you’re probably a FRIENDS fan. The show that started in 1994 and stayed in our hearts since then. It doesn’t matter that the show had only 10 seasons, but we can watch re-runs of it and never get bored. Talking about never getting […]

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    17 Weirdest Reasons Why Girls Reject Guys, #6 Is A Nightmare For Boys

    Dating is a normal part of being human. Guys are willing to do whatever they can to get the attention of their lady, even if it means losing so much money or having to do crazy things. Even if guys do get rejected in the end, at least they will learn their mistakes. But what […]

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    Wife Tells Her Husband She Found A Dog, Texts Him Pic Of A ‘COYOTE’

    Rescuing an abandoned animal is admirable, especially if you find a stray dog wandering alone in the woods in need of a loving home. What are the chances of bringing home a wild coyote by mistake? This preschool teacher’s prank on her husband will have you cracking up, and their text conversation has gone insanely […]

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    Cutest Fight Showing Little Girls Attempting At Judo Will Make You Go Aww

    Being cute is the new trend, and babies seem to be in complete style. Recently, we just got to see the cutest pictures of a baby getting her hair washed and now one more joins the list. The two little girls attempt to practice at Judo. They are trying to give their best to bring […]

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