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    18 Strange Rules That Athletes Must Follow To Avoid Disqualification

    If you ever wanted to be like Cristiano Ronaldo, you should be fast and skilled enough to score goals against formidable opponents on the soccer field. This is not a mentioned rule in the rulebook but it is surely a must-have. However, talking about sports, each sport has its own rules that might not be […]

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    17 Simple Ways That Can Even Make Voldemort Go Smiling

    A blow of fresh wind on your face leads you to nothing but a smile. When you wake up to a bed tea in a tiring morning leads you to nothing but a smile. Actually, talking in practicality, a smile is nothing but a simple and effortless stretch of the muscles around your lips, and […]

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    These Snakes Were Killed By Their Own Food… WHOA!

    Snakes are one of the most dangerous predators in the world and it can be quite an ugly sight when you witness a snake attack. But you know what’s worse? It’s when a snake cannot digest the food that it chooses. Yes, even snakes have digestion problems and sometimes the repercussions aren’t a pleasant sight. […]

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    Ever Wondered How Queens Used To Attract Kings In Ancient Times?

    These days strain and stress have expanded so much that its effects are clearly visible on one’s face and body. This is the major reason why in this quick paced life, you begin to look like 35 at 25 years of age. Be it a man or a lady aging has spread its appendages on […]

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    Python Eats A Drunk Man Whole… Is It?

    A big note for everyone who loves to drink. There’s nothing wrong with consuming alcohol, but an excessive amount of it can turn lethal for your health. It will harm you both internally and externally. You must be pondering, what does an externally mean? Then, lemme explain to you the word by a real incident […]

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    10 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Illuminati You Must Know

    Illuminati is a world organization which supposedly controls the world’s entire population. The original Illuminati group was founded in Bavaria back in the 18th century. They believe that they are above the world and know everything. There are still many theories which prove that Illuminati still has its members in important organizations of the world. […]

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    Giant Inflatable Chicken That Looks Like Trump Just Landed Near The White House

    Though President Trump is currently working from his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, the action continues back in Washington. A 10-foot-tall inflatable chicken that bears a striking resemblance to The Donald, golden hair and all, has just perched itself behind the White House, and it’s not just there for laughs. If you’re wondering where […]

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    These Pixelated Sculptures That Look Like Computer Glitches Are Actually Made From Wood

    For most of us, pixelated photos are an annoyance. Taiwanese artist Hsu Tung Han, however, uses them for inspiration in his latest series of stunning wooden sculptures. By carving delicate block-shaped details that separate from various parts of the sculpture, Han successfully creates the bizarre yet magnificently original illusion of pixelation in 3D form. He […]

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