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    This Trick For Cleaning Sneakers Gets Mind-Blowing Results

    Ah, there’s nothing like a new pair of sneakers. So clean, so bright, so full of life. And so fleeting. Anyone who has ever owned a pair of Converse, Keds, or other white canvas sneakers signs a sort of mental contract with themselves that explicitly acknowledges and accepts the inevitable dirt and scuff to come. Anyone except […]

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    30 Women Who’ve Justin Bieber Slept With…

    He may be adamant that he’s a single Pringle. However, Justin Bieber has always been linked with a horde of ridiculously gorgeous women – let’s just have a look at the ladies he has been associated with and actually has slept with. 1: Caitlin Beadles Justin and Caitlin met at the church when he moved […]

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    23 People Got Hilarious Answers From “SIRI” to Their Dumbest Questions!

    Many people may have friends to hang out with 24/7 while others may find their families to enjoy with and spend some quality time with. However, there come moments when we often get distressed with life and hectic work load. Our mundane routine disheartens us thoroughly and boredom often knocks at our doors as a […]

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    How to Pick the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Type

    Sunglasses are more than a major summer accessory: they protect our eyes from harmful radiation, reduce fatigue, and add harmony to our overall image. Provided, of course, we choose the type that suits us. Today we offer a selection of tips on how to select sunglasses to match your face shape as well as how to tell a high-quality lens from a poor-quality one. Plus, there’s a helpful bonus waiting for […]

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    Why French Kids Don’t Throw Tantrums

    Many people notice that kids in France are well behaved, brainy, and active. They rarely get naughty and fussy, they eat what they are served, and they politely greet the neighbors. We found out what kind of “secret ingredient” French women add to their well-known child-raising.   Young mothers in France return to work less than 10 weeks after giving birth. If they […]

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    Parents Turn Son’s Wheelchair Into Elaborate Halloween Costumes

    When Halloween night rolls around, all eyes in Melrose Park, Illinois, will be on Anthony Alfano.   The 8-year-old has cerebral palsy and gets around in a wheelchair, but that hasn’t stopped him from being the town’s king of Halloween.   Each year, Anthony’s parents make him an elaborate Halloween costume that incorporates his wheelchair. […]

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    Rihanna’s Plastic Heels Will Make You Sweat Just Looking At Them

    Rihanna’s casual Tuesdays are fancier than our wild, wild thoughts, so it makes sense her street style is also out of this world. The singer stepped out in New York City on Thursday in the ultimate menswear top ― a backwards, double pinstriped blazer ― with jeans shorts underneath. She added round sunglasses, a white […]

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    Mariah Carey’s Ex-Fiancé James Packer Says Relationship With US Singer Was A ‘Mistake’

    Mariah Carey’s billionaire ex fiancé James Packer has spoken out about his relationship with the singer, labelling it a “mistake”. The Australian businessman split from the US singer last year, just nine months after he popped the question. At the time of the split, rumours swirled that James called it a day after a series […]

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    Ed Sheeran Claims Bike Crash Could Have Ended His Career

    Ed Sheeran has revealed his recent bike crash could have put pay to his career. The singer has told of how doctors warned him he may never play guitar again unless he cancelled a string of tour dates, in light of the accident. Brian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/REX/Shutterstock Ed Sheeran broke both arms earlier this week – […]

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    Aspiring Pastor Accused Of Killing Wife Who Was Stabbed Dozens Of Times

        A newly released autopsy report tells the story of a Mid-South woman’s savage slaying, allegedly at the hands of her husband who claims he awoke from a dream to find her bloody body.   The report, obtained by HuffPost on Thursday, shows that 29-year-old Lauren Hugelmaier Phelps had 123 sharp force injuries on […]

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