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  • dentist

    She Goes To Dentist For Check-up, But What Doctor Finds Inside Her Gums Is Creepy

    Emily Lallouz went for her regular dentist check-up at the clinic. She was shocked to see the dentist pulling tiny blue beads from her gums. The plastic remains embedded in her gums for years. She was scared to know how those plastic beads got stuck in her mouth. The deposition of beads was caused due […]

  • bobby

    18 Beauty Hacks Using Bobby Pins

    Bobby pins are used by almost every woman, but very few are aware of its various versatile uses. They can enhance your look by adding a “Delight” factor in your hairstyle. These 18 uses of bobby pins can actually make a difference in your look. Try these various hairstyles according to your outfits and make […]

  • film

    16 Creepiest Images That Were Caught On Film Ever

    No matter how advanced we become in life, at some time or the other we always get fascinate when we come across something creepy and horrible. Somewhere in our hearts, we always have that gut feeling about the existence of paranormal activities. When you wake up at midnight and go to the kitchen for water, […]

  • tech

    15 Disturbing Images Which Describe How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

    Technology has definitely played a pivotal role in transforming our lifestyle. It has actually made our lives better in some way. But the fact is it has somehow made us dependent and addicted to it. These 15 illustrations depicts the changes brought about by the use of technology in our day to day life. 1) […]

  • inked

    Images Of Pleasure And Extreme Pain Faced By Customers While Getting Inked

    The New York photographer Anne Burlock Lawver had captured these images to depict the trials and tribulations faced by the customers while getting inked. Anne had undertaken the project of capturing the images of people getting inked at Gunmetal Tattoos in Washington heights in 2013. “The beauty I saw and tried to convey through my […]

  • struggles

    13 Struggles Girls Face Daily Which Boys Can Never Understand

    There are plenty of awkward situations faced by every girl on a daily basis. Girls come around ‘n’ number of perplexed situations every day which make them helpless at times. Guys can never understand the challenges encountered by girls almost every day. Here is the list of 13 routine struggles faced by all the girls. […]

  • royal

    Something Is Very Wrong With This Photo Of The Royal Family. Can You Guess?

    Okay. So Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s that time of the year once again to click pictures and send out cards. Following the tradition, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released a perfectly brand new photo of their beautiful family – sending out greetings to the people. But something seems wildly out […]

  • jenner

    These Racist and Shocking Photos Of Kylie Jenner Will Definitely Offend You

    Kylie Jenner is often seen making headlines, but not all are for the right reasons. And here she is again, doing what she does the best – making headlines, but this time, it’s for one of those wrong reasons. The headline right now is for the offensive photos of her which have stirred up the […]

  • found

    What Was Found In The Remains Of A 150-Year-Old Steamboat Is Just Shocking

    One fateful evening in 1856, packed with supplies for the American frontier, the Steamboat Arabia, once a mighty ship that ruled the waters was pulled down from the depths to the rocky floor. And now, after over a century later, it has been rediscovered. But what’s simply amazing is that the contents of the ship […]

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