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    Donald Trump Administration Double Talks on Iran, Compares It To North Korea

    On April 19, 2017, the Trump administration pounced on Iran, declaring that the international deal signed under Obama Administration to prevent Tehran from developing its nuclear program has miserably failed. US secretary of state Rex Tillerson in a letter sent late on Tuesday to House Speaker Paul Ryan said, “Iran remains a leading state sponsor […]

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    Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Middleton Praises Prince Harry For Talking About Mental Health

    On Wednesday, Kate Middleton, 35, was talking to Viking Primary School head teacher Maloy during a reception organised for London marathon runners in Kensington Palace, London. Mr Maloy praised Prince Harry saying: “What I love is your brother-in-law talking the other day because that’s just ignited it.”   He told Kate, “Harry is a real […]

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    9 Things Men Love About Dating A Tall Woman, # 8 Will Excite You

    Afraid of dating a tall woman? You think it will look weird? No, you can always find benefits in dating a tall woman. Here are reasons why some men love dating a woman who is taller than them.   1. They are easy to spot. Yes, tall girls are easy to spot in a crowd. […]

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    Girls Of The Wall Street: World’s Most Desirable Women Who Are Dating Tech Moguls

    There was a time when we used to hear about the relationships of actors and actresses. The models and famous actresses would go hand in hand with some of our favourite movie stars. Like Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt, but now things are changing. The world is working on technology. So the girls of this […]

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    Eight Biggest Mistakes Girls Make During Their Periods

    Every month, women get their menses. It’s a natural part of a female’s life starting in their adult years and lasting up through mid-life. It’s entirely reasonable, and women handle this thing nicely. But, there are also some women who don’t understand what to do and, more importantly, what not to do when they are […]

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    10 Most Expensive Liquids In The World That Are Almost Impossible To Buy

    What commodity do you consider to be expensive? Cars? Private jets? These are the kind of things that usually come to mind when you’re asked to think of something expensive. But, what if someone asks you to name a liquid that is expensive? What would you say? In fact, the only liquid most of you […]

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    Shocking Pictures Of North Korea’s Military Tanks Show Off Their Warlike Intention

    North Korea has released a set of shocking photos showing the military power of the nation to be put to use in case of a war. The pictures showed an entire beach of the state’s east coast filled with several explosions while soldiers carried out pre-war drills. Submarines were also included in this display of […]

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    NASA’s Spacecraft Dives Into Saturn’s Rings Where No Spacecraft Has Ever Been Before

    Cassini spacecraft of NASA is on the run of an unprecedented series making space dives. This will result in Cassini’s mark through the icy rings of Saturn, in the last phase of a 20-year mission.   Cassini dives into Saturn’s rings. This is it! Through the gap between #Saturn and its rings. Instruments are on, […]

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