Crazy Guy Scoops Out A Huge Nest Of Wasps, Terrifying!


Vespula Germanica, otherwise is known as German Wasp or ‘Yellow Jacket’. They are terrifying creatures in a miniature size, which can drive folks frenzy, especially when we know that they call upon their entire colony to swipe away any perceived threat in the environment.

So, imagine finding these outrageous and nasty creatures, it can make local residents pack up and move!

Scroll down to see this crazy man Bob Brown, who gets into the pit to clear off those hives of Wasps and in doing so, he decides to film his work!

Scene 1:

He starts to excavate the nest with small tools!


Scene 2:

He dugs out the sand and weeds that cover the nest.


Scene 3:

Still spilling out the sand. He has shielded himself against those tiny mammoths.


Scene 4:

In doing so, wasps fly out and create a buzzing sound!


Scene 5:

After removing the sand, we see a circular nest with a hole in the centre.


Scene 6:

Here’s the nest, have a look! :P


Scene 7:

All the wasps fly around hitting the camera!


Scene 8:

And where’s it now? Bob Brown removed it. The creepiest part here is actually the sound of them hitting the camera… Yikes. I guess I won’t be sleeping tonight.


Scene 9:

He holds the nest onto his hand and shows a close up picture of the nest.


Scene 10:

This is how it looks from top view! Bravo Mr Brown! With sheer patience, he took out the nest, for his research apparently! Share this creepy video with your friends below… if you dare.


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