Man Devotes His Life To Adopt Old Dogs Who Can’t Find Forever Homes


In life, there are many separations and deaths, what’s the point in going back through the old memories and ultimately crying. Who belongs to whom in this world? But Steve had no such philosophy to console himself after the demise of his beloved dog. Without giving it a second thought, he decided to adopt an another dog. But this time, it was a bit different, actually not a bit but a lot. He went way back to his hometown and adopted the senior most dogs of the locality who were hardly been taken care of.

At present, Steve Greig is sheltering 10 elder dogs along with one pig, 2 ducks, pigeons, cats and chickens.

Steve’s entire day passes in taking care of these pets. From morning walk and breakfast in the morning to making them fall asleep at night, he does it all. These pets are actually being loved and pampered like small babies and it’s amazing to see that.

Out for morning walk.

Steve at morning walk, with all his 10 dogs.


Well dressed up and well groomed.

Such a wonderful sight to see all of them dressed alike and so well groomed.


We Know, what family is?

Steve’s entire world surrounds around them, they are more than just animals as they are his family now.


Breakfast on its way …

Hats Off to the man who takes care of the meals so very well, where each one is served a different diet.


Medicine time.

Apart from the daily chores of life, Steve gives proper attention to all his pets taking them to their Doctor and giving medicines to the ill ones.


Yes! its weekend- party time.

Such a lovely sight to see that they all go out for a family outing on every weekend.


One final paddle around the lake with this lovely kid.


Brothers for life..

Looks like they are set for the candid camera shot.


Hiking is on!

OMG! Who could believe these dogs went hiking on this 14000 ft. high peak.


All set to rock the Stage.

There is a short film made on Steve’s pets.


Cuddle time.

They all are looking so damn cute while cuddling and playing together. It would have been such a pleasant sight for Steve to see them this way.


Out in the garden..

Looks, they were sent out in the garden after being scolded by their dad.


The champ is here.

The champion is on the field … everyone out there, get ready.



Yes, each one of them have their special beds, to sleep and to cuddle.


World’s best DAD is here.

They just love to surround their dad as soon as he gets home from his work.
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