10 Badass Tattoos Take The Fan Craziness To A Whole New Level


It takes more than a great deal of courage to get a tattoo but a lot more if you want to get a giant badass tattoo of your favorite actor, tv show or movie. Well, not for these guys because their motivation for their favorites didn’t stop them stalking them on social media. They went ahead to get seriously darned awesome tattoos and you can check it out here –


1. This man who won the most number of tattoos award for getting the awesome Simpson’s piece on his back.


2. A very devoted fan who got multiple tattoos of Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovitch.

Takes a lot of guts, eh?


3. This beautiful Star Wars fan.

Total number of tattoos – 14.


4. This lady who’s a Disney Princess on her own by getting the entire cast of Snow White tattooed on her back.


5. A bang on Miley Cyrus fan who got 29 different tattoos in devotion to the funky singer.


6. Interesting fact – This man spent nearly 3,500 dollars to get this Breaking Bad tattoo.

NOW. That. Is. A. FAN!


7. Chubby 49 year old Twilight fan got this crazy ass Twilight star cast tattoo on her back for dropping 70 pounds.

Way to celebrate huh?


8. This badass man got his entire chest tattooed by Taxi Driver tattoos.


9. A tribute tattoo on this fan’s back for spending nearly 50 hours in the devotion of Only Fools and Horses.


10. This ultimate Pokemon fan who only tattoos original Pokemon characters on her customers’ bodies.



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