15-Year-Old Boy Was Given Saliva By His Classmates For A Correct Reason


How would you feel if you had cancer, especially if you were young? Meet Brandon, a 15-year-old boy from Costa Rica who had to face grief and pain, just so he could achieve his dreams: to play the guitar, to travel the world with his father, and to graduate from high school. Check out the story below to see the courage of Brandon and the overwhelming love given by his father, his classmates, and the Costa Rican community.


Meet Brandon Bardoza

This is Brandon. Back in December 2013, the 15-year-old kid starting having severe headaches, although doctors initially said that it was just a case of migraine, which was then said to be a swollen lymph node as Brandon’s throat began having a lump.


Losing Weight

Suddenly, Brandon also started losing weight, which made his father concerned. The next visit to the doctor confirmed the worst: Brandon had primary nasopharynx cancer, which meant that his tumor had already affected his mouth, so much so the Brandon can only fit a very small straw inside.


At 28 Kilograms

Brandon lost weight immediately, and weighed 28 kilograms one time. He was told to undergo therapy, but only if he managed to gain weight. Luckily, he was able to gain 5 more kilograms after a year, thus enabling him to have chemotherapy.


Through a Catheter

The only way for Brandon to get nutrients was through a catheter, and he accepted it. Thankfully, his classmates made an event that allowed them to get 800 euros, enough to give Brandon artificial saliva needed for him to survive another round of chemotherapy.


Another Problem

After several months, Brandon noted a pain in his leg, which was said to be a primary tumor. One good thing was that his leg did not have to be amputated, although he had to be in a wheelchair for four months. His father helped him through it all.


Hair Falling Out

The cancer affected his ribs too, but the treatment was a bit easier now. Moreover, Brandon was optimistic that his hair would grow back soon anyway. He believes that God has a good reason for all the things that have happened.


Learned to Play Guitar

Thanks to a popular band, Brandon now knows how to play guitar. He has even performed already!



In addition, Brandon managed to graduate from high school, effectively reaching 2 out of 3 of his goals. Erick, Brandon’s father, knows that Brandon would grow up to be a wonderful man, and his father would always be there for him.


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