16-Year-Old Girl Gave Birth To A Baby In Bathroom And She Had No Clue About Pregnancy


Some of the common symptoms of pregnancy are the frequent feelings of tiredness, sickness, altered sense of smell, food cravings and missing periods. Now, you’d think that every woman expecting a baby will experience at least three of the aforementioned indicators, right?

Wrong! Apparently, Chelsea Clatworthy didn’t even know she was pregnant until the very moment she went into labor pain. Sounds unbelievable? Then, be ready to get shocked.

#1 Not A Clue!

Chelsea, 16 at that time, wasn’t aware regarding her pregnancy until she saw the head of her son crowning while sitting on the toilet. “I screamed for my youngest brother, who was in the next room, and as he rushed in and managed to catch my son just in time. ” Thankfully her mother knew what to do.”My brother and I shouted for her downstairs. She grabbed a towel and cleared his airways to make sure he was breathing because he wasn’t crying.


#2 Called For Help.

“My brother went to get help and call for an ambulance but my mum said we shouldn’t cut the cord, just in case.” Soon, three ambulances arrived and she clearly remembers their reaction. “They were so shocked. Not only because I’d had a baby without knowing I was pregnant, but also because I was still standing up.”


#3 Nothing Unusual.

Any symptom she had of the pregnancy was the extreme back pain she experienced two days prior of delivering her son, but she never gave it a second thought as she was diagnosed with scoliosis and had a slipped disc.


#4 She Was A Normal Teenager.

Chelsea was living a life of a normal teenager- partying hard, having fun. That day as well, she was getting ready for a party.


#5 Kudos To Her Community.

As she did not have any time to get used to the idea of being mother, she was unprepared for it. “At that time we had hardly any money, so we weren’t fortunate enough to just be able to go and buy new baby things brand-new.”Her community helped her with everything she would have needed to raise a baby.


#6 Proud Mum.

The little boy, Lorenzo, will celebrate his fifth birthday on 9th December. Chelsea is very proud of him. “I can’t wait until he’s able to understand the full story of how he was born.”


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