Lil Wayne’s Daughter Uploads Photos & Discloses Father’s Way Of Expressing Love


Lil Wayne loves and cares for his daughter like every other father, who lives to makes the wishes come true for his adorable doll. He may be explicit on the mic and rumored for singing parental advisory songs, but he is really good from heart. Lil Wayne’s daughter Toya uploaded pictures on Twitter and disclosed her father’s lovely surprises and gifts. Mr Carter presented a costly car to his girl on her B’day.

Reginae Carter aka Toya, daughter of Lil Wayne. She lives life queen size!

Mr Carter’s daughter is not a spoiled child. She’s daddy’s li’l girl, who loves to share pictures of gift from her rapper dad.


Sneakers gift!

Color combination as per car’s color. Mr Carter knows how to pamper his young girl.


Toya was born when Lil Wayne was 16. She has turned 15 now.

Lil Wayne is listed among the pioneers of urban rap. He not only creates magic with his music, but wins heart of every hiphop lover.


He presented a car to Nae on her birthday.

Lil Wayne gifted $80k Range Rover to Reginae Carter on her birthday. What an awesome dad!


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