Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Stage Play Photos Will Make You Spend Huge To Watch Them


Harry Potter series is everyone’s favorite, I believe. All the young age people must have seen all the films in Harry Potter series. But what about Harry Potter and the cursed child? It is not going to be released as a film, it is actually a stage play and will be held in London. But you can’t reach London on time and also money is another problem.

But a true Harry Potter fan just can’t afford to miss an interesting part of the Harry Potter series. So, now what to do? No need to worry. The official photos of the production have been released and we brought them here especially for you. So, you can have a glimpse of the play.

Have a look and enjoy.

Is this Harry Potter? Yes, he is definitely Harry Potter.


The whole Harry Potter family is here.


The three musketeers Ron, Harry, and Hermione.


Weird but somewhat romantic pillow talk of Ginny and Harry.


Why is Harry Potter scolding this kid?


The evergreen couple Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.


OMG! Look who’s here. The Malfoy’s!


Why is Harry looking so serious? Is Voldemort already here?


My heart is hurting seeing Harry like this.


The ever so naughty kids of Hogwarts.


Will they ever grow up? But whatever they do, they love each other a lot and we love them a lot too.

So, these were some rare glimpses of Harry Potter and the cursed child stage play. And especially, for all the Harry Potter fans.


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