11 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries Of The Universe


Have you ever wondered what is the placebo effect? Or is the devil’s triangle that people talk about even real? Mysteries have always interested us and humans obsess nothing like crazies. Ever since the world began, we have been surrounded by mysteries, some that eventually unfolded itself, and some that still remain unknown to the world despite putting our best efforts to solve them.
Science and Technology have been reaching new heights, yet there are some occurrences which even today cannot be explained and have our top scientists tearing out their hair in frustration. Some mysteries are as ancient as humanity, yet our interest with them is like as of new and remain timeless because they still have not been solved.
Here is a list of eleven biggest mysteries that still remain unknown, to both entertain you, and also to make you wonder.
P.S. The 10th one is a classic.

1. The Abominable Snowman

Many scaling the Himalayan peaks have claimed to have spotted a gigantic creature, looking like a cross between a human and an ape, covered with reddish brown or black hair. This beast, called the Yeti by the people of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet is also called the BigFoot in the Pacific Northwest. Most sign it off as an illusion, the product of a combination of mythical folklore and misrepresentation, but the eye testimonials swear otherwise.

2. Bermuda Triangle

This region is located in the western half of the North Atlantic Ocean. Fittingly nicknamed the Devil’s Triangle, it has witnessed inexplicable disappearances of a number of ships and aircraft’s. Scientists have attempted to explain these through Magnetic anomalies, methane hydrants, violent storms or simply human error. However, there is no debating that this area is doomed.

3. Lochness Monster

A supposed resident of the Loch Ness of the Scottish Highlands, this long-necked and hump-backed aquatic ‘monster’ has been an object of innumerable Scottish Folklore. The interest in its existence has varied through the ages, but somehow never waned, with tourists flocking to the lake, hoping to be the catch sight of this famed beast. Much like the Yeti, the existence of this monster has no biological evidence but manages to creep into Western media in a variety of ways.

4. The Taos HUM

In the 1950s, some residents of Taos and a few of the surrounding cities of Mexico, complained of a low frequency ‘humming’ sound. The source of which could never be identified. Explanations for this mysterious ‘hum’ have ranged from banal to bizarre but nothing has yet been proven scientifically.

5. The Voynich Manuscript

As yet undeciphered, the Voynich Manuscript is a niggling puzzle for the cryptographers. The writing is smooth with no corrections or apparent errors. Nor are there any obvious pauses that one must have taken while writing a 240-page book. The mystery of what stories these pages hold has been a source of inspiration for several books and scripts.

6. The Dancing Plague

Strasbourg (France), 1518, a woman danced incessantly for days on end. She was eventually joined by around 400 others. They danced themselves into a frenzy for a whole month until many of them died due to stroke or just plain exhaustion. The reason for this maniac dancing was never documented.

7. The Shroud of Turin

It is a linen cloth, bearing the image of a man, who is said to have died of crucifixion. But how his face came to be imprinted on this particular shroud has baffled the Scientists for years. Some Catholics claim it to be the shroud of Jesus Christ. It is currently displayed at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Turin Italy.

8. Stonehenge

This beautiful rock structure in England is in this list because till date no one seems to know WHY it was created! Current theories range from it being a result of glacial movements to a burial site of the Stone Ages.

9. Placebo Effect

This is an unquantifiable mystery of the human behavior. It states that, fake medicine can cure you if you believe it can and it won’t if you don’t believe it can! Now, how do you scientifically explain this?

10. Jack The Ripper

Jack the Ripper rampaged across London between August and November of the 1888. He went on his notorious killing sprees, leaving enigmatic letters to the police. There has been much speculation as to his identity, but till the date no one knows who he was.

11. Pyramids’ Power

An engineering wonder, the Pyramids have always been a source of wonder and speculation regarding their gigantic form and precise proportions. This engineering marvel is explained by pseudoscientists as the Pyramid Power which naturally has been dissed by the rest of the world as fanciful and pure myth!
Is the Sherlock in you getting ready to exercise those grey cells? If you find a few provable answers, do let us know!


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