14 Olympic Fails That Gave Audience A Dose Of Laughter


o the Summer Olympics 2016 are finally over and it seems that things went really well at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the athletes. Several great moments of healthy sport and humanity were witnessed in the village. And not just that, every little detail about the athletes, their coaches, and happenings in the game arena were being observed intensely; criticizing the shortages and appreciating the good things. There were several LGBT athletes competing for their respective nations too.
But, there were some moments which might not have been funny for the Olympians right then, but they did make the TV viewers laugh for sure. I mean, yes they appeared a bit painful but were funny enough to laugh out loud.
In case you missed any of those, here’s a collection of 14 of them straight from the Rio Olympics 2016!

1) Seriously, where is Kyle Lowry’s other shoe?


2) Been just one day and Australia leads the scoreboard already!


3) When this Olympian took one for the entire team.


4) The guy at the far left end doesn’t wanna join the two already fallen guys.


5) She so knew she was screwed up right then.


6) I know that feeling. I so do know that.


7) I know what airlines I’m gonna avoid from now on.


8) “I don’t wanna jump that hurdle.”


9) Oh dear lord.


10) That is one really funny wardrobe malfunction.


11) And, well, this.


12) Two naked swimmers having a talk while the camera checks them out.


13) The change in color of the pools within a few days.


14) This is really funny!


This image, though, captures the most beautiful thing about being a sportsperson, and a human as well.

We’re already waiting for the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020!


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