Gold Diggers Did It Again… The Most Shameful Couple Texts!


I don’t know where to start from… I wish I had the availability of those Whatsapp emoticons because it would have made my task of explaining you much easier.
We have all got to ‘chat’ with someone who considered his sense of humour to be very good but the case was different. Or say, with someone who gives sudden replies on hearing something good. Yeah well, I have got to!
But of all, we exclaimed and laughed the most at the gold diggers. Yes! Yes! Yes! You are guessing it right, I have a compilation of the funniest ones.

That restaurant I was talking about..

But I agree with the guy… it is always expensive.

Oh! The poor guy… or girl. Haha!

You could have asked for something pristine… if you know what I mean!

Oooo! The definition of true love.

What is it… jealousy?

Ooops! Ooops! Hey… seriously?

Da… I think this trick is obsolete now. Girls try new one.

It’s like the three magical words of ‘I Love You’


How? How? How?

She cannot be a gold digger.

The clever guy.

Well, I don’t know whether you are rich or Rich… I love you for your smartness.


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