Take The Ultimate Road Trip With Outside Van’s Valhalla 4X4 Camper


You’ll be more than ready to tackle your next adventure into the wild with the Outside Van Valhalla 4X4 Camper. Each camper is based on the reliable and storage-friendly Mercedes Sprinter, but custom made to your specifications. Take on the open road with a loved one with enough space for sleeping and storing all of your necessities.
Let’s take a closer look at this magnificent touring vehicle.

#1 Sleek And Simple

Solar power is an option to encourage savings on electricity for LED lights and to cut down on gasoline and battery usage.

#2 Roof Access To The Racks

Feel free to request the tire package upgrade if you plan on taking the road less travelled over some rough terrain in order to access the secret surf spots. There are also handy ladders to the roof for scenic viewing or surfboard storage.

#3 Bumper Bars

There’s extra protection with the high-end bumper bars to keep your front end safe from unseen boulders.

#4 Interior Storage

It’s based on the Sprinter so you know it has enough space for bags, backpacks, and recreational items such as rafts, fishing gear, and food.

#5 Kitchen And Bathroom

That’s right; you don’t have to smell bad to enjoy a few weeks in the middle of nature. Not to mention the lack of space to store your clothing to make room for provisions and equipment.

#6 A Small Studio

Feel free to pick out the perfect custom upholstery for the sofa and comfortable three-panel bed.

#7 Kitchen Storage

Kitchen utensil storage is taken care of with a unit that includes a sink, stovetop, and 12v refrigerator.

#8 Enjoy The Open Road

You may never go back home. Find a freelance job where you can work from the road with ultimate comfort. Where is the first place you would take the amazing Outside Van Valhalla 4X4 Camper?


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