10 Innocent Kids Who Have Committed The Most Terrifying Crimes. #8 Gave Me Goosebumps


Childhood is the epitome of innocence. Or is it?
If there is one thing that childhood is always associated with apart from freedom, happiness, and joy, it’s innocence. These kids, however, have not only murdered innocence with their heinous crimes, but they have also made it impossible for the world to associate childhood with innocence. These are the evilest kids in the history of humankind:

1. Brenda Ann Spencer

16 Year old Brenda Ann Spencer in 1979, took an aim from her bedroom window and shot at her local school. She killed 2 and injured 8 including a teacher. She must have hated her school a lot!

2. Bryan & David Freeman

In 1995, the Freeman brothers, 16 and 17 stabbed their parents to death and killed their 11-year old brother. They are now serving life sentences in the prison.

3. Michael Hernandez

Hernandez lured his school friend into a bathroom stall and stabbed him to death. He told his friend that he wanted to show him something special. On further investigation, police revealed that Hernandez was planning to murder several more kids including his sister.

4. Michael Carneal

Carneal sneaked in few guns and knives into his school and started shooting at a young prayer group, killing 2 and injuring 3. Once he was done, he said “Kill me, please. I can’t believe I just did that”

5. Mary Bell

11-year-old Mary strangled 2 toddlers for “Please and excitement of killing”. She carved a letter M on the chest of her victims.

6. Eric Smith

14-year-old Eric Smith found 11-year-old Derrick Robie roaming around when he lured him into the forest. There, he stabbed him and hit him with a large rock on his head which killed him. He said that his murder was in response to bullying by his friends and family.

7. Edmund Kemper

In 1964, Edmund murdered his grandmother and grandfather because he “wanted to see what it would feel like to kill Grandma”. He was then sent to jail. After being released, he murdered 8 more women including his mother.

8. Graham Young

15-year-old Graham Young poisoned 5 different family members and classmates. He was sent to the mental hospital where he eventually poisoned 70 more people. He eventually died of a heart attack.

9. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson

In 1993, the two British boys used to skip school and go to a local mall. There they lured 2-year-old James Bulger from the mall and beat him to death with bricks and iron bars, then abandoning the corpse on railway tracks. This is one of the most infamous murders that was committed in the history of Britain due to the astonishing young age of the criminals.

10. Jesse Pomeroy

15-year-old Pomeroy killed 8 children, mutilated their corpses. After interrogation, he confessed to 27 more murders!
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