BBC Reporter ‘Unintentionally’ Groped A Woman Live On TV And Got Whacked In Return


Live television is a tricky business and this reporter got the front seat to this show. While interviewing his colleague, BBC’s Ben Brown experienced the fact that things can escalate pretty quickly on live TV.
On Tuesday, Mr Brown and his colleague Norman Smith were reporting on live television at Bradford in England. As they were discussing the Labour Party’s election manifesto, a woman entered the frame and grinned away. She mouthed the words ‘Absolutely fantastic’ and gave a thumbs up. Little did she know that things weren’t going to be so fantastic later on.
Brown looked directly at the woman, groped her and tried to push her on the side, saying “Just give us one sec, please.”
As he tried to remove her from the frame, the reporter’s hand landed somewhere it shouldn’t have. At first, the woman looked shocked and almost retreated. But, at least she whacked Mr Brown on his shoulder before leaving.

As you know…

Mistakes during live telecast are inevitable. There’s further proof of that when BBC reporter Ben Brown and his colleague, Norman Smith were seen at Bradford in England on Tuesday. They were discussing the Labour Party’s election manifesto on live television. An incident occurred that will be talked about for quite some time.

They are seen discussing the manifesto.


An unidentified woman appears in the frame.


Brown ‘intentionally’ or ‘unintentionally’ touches her where he shouldn’t.


He moved that shocked woman to the side.


But, she didn’t leave without whacking him on his shoulder.


Brown resorted to Twitter after the incident.

Of course, the internet had something to say

This angry supporter.


This one kind of escalated.


And it kept escalating.


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