They Put A Frozen Fish In A Tank Of Water And What Follows Next Is Amazing!


Cold-blooded animals are those who adjust their body temperature according to the environment. Fishes being the cold-blooded ones, have the ability to survive in the freezing condition through the process, torpor. Torpor is a process which reduces breathing rate, body temperature and slow metabolism for fish.
Head on to the story where Dmitry, a Russian blogger experiments with the fish. Don’t forget to watch the video in the end.

An experiment!

To generate the natural hibernation capabilities of fish, Dmitry dunked the carp in a bucket of dry ice and let it freeze.

The fish stayed for about 20 seconds in ice.


Dmitry along with his co-host plopped the fish back into the tank of warm water.


For several minutes, fish didn’t move.


But eventually, it began to swim! Ah, what a relief!


After this experiment, Dmitry took the fish back to the river and set it free for flowing.


Some people criticised the whole thing.

One of the viewers wrote, “Poor thing, What oafs they are but thankfully that fish survived. Humans are so cruel.”
“What a pair of low humans, Why??” wrote another.

See the full video clip here.


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