South Koreans Are Faking Their Own Funerals… Do You Know Why?


The desire for an everlasting life is an outdated ambition. Well, one must realise the fact that every human being on this planet is mortal. And for years, South Korea has recorded a maximum number of suicides with 40 deaths per day. Therefore it has initiated a program Happy Dying – a ‘Death Experience/Fake Funeral’ which invites people to experience their fake funeral in the hope that it may help them appreciate life.
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Happy dying allows…

…participants to lie inside the coffin so that it may force them to reconsider their suicidal thoughts. It is said that the session leaves a positive impact on them that is good to be alive.

The genius behind this idea was Mr Kim Ki-Ho.


The process…

It begins when the funeral portraits are placed near to their resting place and the participants are supposed to write their wills, words, eulogies, which will be written on their tombstone.

Reactions of the participants:

Particularly when the participants are writing to their loved ones, they get emotional and overcome the thought of death. Participants are then made to wear traditional burial clothes and their body is then placed inside the wooden coffin. A Death Master, dressed entirely in black who symbolises the Angel of Death, blindfolds them and tie their wrists. They are then placed in the dark room for 30 minutes and made to ponder the consequences that would arise if they were to take their lives.

The people…

…who attend the sessions work in high-pressure jobs and are deprived of hypertension, depression and stress.

A large number of students dealing with exam pressure also participate in the program.


Government data:

Citizens of the age group, 60 are recorded to be maximum in taking their lives. Also, the people who were facing financial difficulty were at highest risk of taking their own lives.

Participants reflect on their lives as they lie down inside coffins.

One good initiative. Share the news with your friends and family.


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