Incredible Reasons Why This Beach Is Not An Ordinary One


The beach, named in Spanish as Vega Baja means ‘low plains.’ It is not an ordinary beach. It is believed that this area was specifically used for spear fishing because of the faces and fish found on the carvings of the reefs. Another interesting fact about this beach is that in 1990, over a million dollars was discovered in a plastic tank buried on the beach which may have been hidden by drug smugglers.
Now, head on to the story to know something more interesting about this beach!

For about 36 seconds, a gigantic wave has completely crashed over, taking over rocks and pebbles.


Still, the people were calm, they were least affected by it.


But even with the large size and sound of the crashing waves, people were not scared of it.


Isn’t it shocking?


It is something that we don’t get to see every day!


Watch the video here.


This beach is truly fascinating.



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