10 Ways Companies Fool Their Customers


In this competitive world, companies adopt various ways to increase their business. They have various tools from which they survive in business for long. These companies try to attract the customers to buy their product by offering extra benefits. These additional benefits help them to capitalize and market more. They also do not lag in exposing false advertisements of their products.
Advertisement helps the company to get a prey. Here are some examples how the companies are dominating the market, and manage to make a double profit than the actual cost of the product.

1. Cinema Popcorn are sold at the staggering 1275% mark up.


2. The cost of warranties on electronics is about 90% equal or more than the actual cost of repair.


3. There are some companies that offer you the free credit check and try to sell you something first.


4. As per the research, sending and receiving a text message costs one-third of the cent.


5. Premium gas won’t clean your engine or make it better.

Premium gas is just same as the ordinary one, but people still pay extra for it because it gives them the feeling of getting something better than the ordinary one.

6. The price of French fries is 20 times more because it is served in restaurants.


7. The statements given by bottle water company are often incorrect.

They give you the regular water claiming that the water comes straight from a mountain or is cleaner than a tap water.

8. The cost of textbooks is set as per your needs. The cost of print is nothing as compared to its cost.


9. If a mechanic tells you to change the oil after 3000, then it’s just a trick to get paid twice.


10. Your chances of winning a lottery are around 1 in 14 million.



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