12 Common Kissing Mistakes That Can Spoil Your Partner’s Mood


Kissing becomes more exciting when you are kissing your crush for the first time. But there are plenty of mistakes that people make while kissing. A single kiss can make or break your relationship. It is the most intimate action that slowly take you to the next level.
These mistakes are quite common, but once you know it, you may avoid it effortlessly. Here are some mistakes people make while kissing their partner.

1. Bad breath

Always have a stick of gum or a mint before making out!

2. Keep it slow!

Don’t use too much force while kissing and try keep it slow. She might turn off!

3. Too much tongue

If your tongue is acting too much, then it won’t work at all. Keep it light!

4. Getting your partner all wet

She is not going to be happy with your excess saliva on her face and neck. Be careful.

5. Getting handsy too soon

Don’t jump to the next level too soon, you might get thrown out.

6. Use bit of your tongue!

If your partner is using her tongue and you don’t at all, then the situation will turn strange! Support your partner.

7. Not relaxed

Never make your partner tense by acting too stiff. Try to be more relax.

8. Control your teeth!

It’s not fun for your partner to knock the teeth. So try to keep it in control.

9. Not enough variance

Try to make it fresh and switching it up otherwise it will get boring.

10. Chapped lips

Before making out, apply some lip balm!

11. Close your eyes!

Don’t open your eyes widely at the time of making out.

12. Kissing too early!



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