The 10 Most Powerful Nuclear Missiles In The World! This Is What China And Russia Can Do


Last week, US dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb on ISIS locations in Afghanistan after launching a missile attack on Syria. It looks as if North Korea and the US are ready to start World War III.
The US launched the first nuclear attack over Hiroshima in Japan on August 6, 1945. This followed a long cold war between the US and Russia.
Let’s take a look at 10 deadliest nuclear missiles present in the world.

10. M51 – SLBM (France)

France ranks third in terms of nuclear power standing behind USA and Russia. SLMBs are the primary nuclear front of France in case they need to use it. This missile can hit up to a range of 10,000 km and can carry six to 10 warheads of 100 kt per missile, repeatedly.

9. DF-31/31A – ICBM (China)

Originally known as the Dong Feng 31, it is a silo and radio-mobile based ICBM series stationed by China since 2006. The original model of DF-31 had a range of 8,000 km while the improved version can place these warheads on the target over 11,000 km away. Mobile launch vehicles can be used to fire and move these missiles.

8. RT-2UTTKh Topol-M – ICBM (Russia)

Having a capacity to carry six warheads with decoys, this missile is a powerful weapon of mass destruction. Currently, it is armed with only one warhead which is of 800kt. It was included in the Russian unit in 1997 and is also known as the SS-27.

7. RS-24 Yars – ICBM (Russia)

Russia has been a major part of the cold war and its relations with the US are not nice. Although USSR no longer exists, Russia is still one of the most powerful nuclear powers in the world.
This missile was developed to counter Bush administration’s decision to “develop missile defense in Eastern Europe”. It is somewhat related to SS – 27 but instead of six, it can carry four warheads. It is also capable of changing direction and carry decoys in flights.

6. LGM-30G Minuteman III – ICBM (USA)


5. RSM-56 Bulava – SLBM (Russia)

This SLBM (submarine-launched ballistic missile) is a part of the Russian Navy and is a recent addition to the group.

4. R29RMU2 Layner – SLBM (Russia)

Included in 2014, this is the most recent operational SLBM in Russian unit of defence. It has a target range of 11,000 km and is capable of carrying up to twelve nuclear warheads which are low yield.

3. UGM-133 Trident II – SLBM (USA/UK)

Trident II is the current SLBM of the submarine force of the US and UK. At its full capacity, it carries 14 warheads. Its maximum range can vary from 7,800 to 11,000 km.

2. DF-5/5A – ICBM (China)

This missile can be considered as a minivan of ISBMs. It is capable of flattening the cities as it has a CEP of around 1 km and can carry an enormous warhead of 5 mt up to a range of approximately 12,000 km.

1.R-36M2 – ICBM (Soviet Union/Russia)

This missile is designated as ‘SS -18 Satan’ by the NATO and it has a very strong reason. It was first deployed in 1974 and since then have been subjected to several changes and optimisations. At one time, it was capable of carrying a 20 -25 mt warhead. Currently, it can hit the target up to a range of nearly 11,000 km with the top speed of 8 km/s. The American military has had numerous concerns regarding the Satan.


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