Most Gorgeous Female Pilots Who Proved That Beauty With Bravery Exists

Women today are ahead of men in all walks of life.


Women today are ahead of men in all walks of life. They are no more restricted to the kitchen and doing laundry and have managed to move out and climb the heights of success. When society refused to help them grow, women decided to help themselves.

As they say, God helps them who help themselves, therefore even god stood by females’ side and blessed them with a power to push their limits and achieve victory.

So today, I take pride in dedicating this write up to such women across the globe, who have literally proved that the sky is the limit for them. Women who proved that even females know how to fly high. And such pretty faces, despite being gorgeous ones, chose a path of hurdles and obstacles and left no stone unturned to cross these troughs and crests with flying colors.

Scroll down to get yourself introduced to such female pilots across the globe, who are the best examples of ‘beauty with brains.’

British aviator Amy Johnson


She was known for her audacious approach and daredevil stunts. She was also the very first female pilot who only at the age of 26, drove the plane on her own from Britain to Australia.
Amy even took part in the Second World War, when she flew an airplane as a part of Air Transport Auxiliary and lost her life during a ferry flight.

Alia Twal


She is an epitome of inspiration to each and every woman of the society. This female from Jordan, Arabia at the age of 21, acquired the position of a flight instructor. This charming lady became A320 first officer for Royal Jordanian Airlines. She is now 28 and has bagged the position of governor of The 99s (Arabian Chapter), which is an international firm for woman pilots.
This organization provides professional training to females, so as to provide them with opportunities in the world of aviation.

Liu Yang


She deserves to be addressed as the woman of substance. Starting her career as a pilot, Liu managed to become the first Chinese female Astronaut to go to space. This cute faced lady is a source of inspiration to the entire Chinese community and is known worldwide.

Kate Moran


She paved her way to the cockpit at just 25 years of age, which made her Britain’s youngest woman pilot. A graduate in Aviation Technology from the University of Leeds, Kate made her way to the aviation industry where less than five percent of pilots are women.

Maria Pettersson


She surely doesn’t need to be introduced. Maria gained aviation license when she turned 25 and since then she has been on a trot across the globe. This blonde beauty who knows how to pull off the uniform of a pilot, also perfectly dons classy look off duty.
She is a social media star and is known for her sexy selfies direct from the cockpit.

Sabina Shrestha


A 36-year-old woman from Nepal, who is known as Nepal’s first woman flight instructor ever. Living her dream of flying, Sabina has been into aviation for last 12 years.
This Nepali beauty is a mother of one and is presently working as a senior captain at Yeti Airlines, Nepal’s leading domestic airline firm.

Angelina Jolie


Yes, the beautiful, stunning and hot Angelina Jolie, who holds private pilot license since the year 2004, soon after Brangelina adopted their son Maddox. According to Angelina, she opted for flying lessons, so that she could impress Maddox, who loves to travel in an airplane and feels excited to watch it fly.
Jolie owns an airplane Cirrus SR22 Generation Three, which possesses high-tech features.

Gul Panag


Former Beauty Queen, actress, an activist and now a pilot. Gul Panag recently accomplished her professional flying training and has successfully donned the hat of a pilot. Also known as a fitness icon Gul, is now a professional pilot.
Gul Panag who was crowned as Miss India in the year 1999, for her charming and beautiful face, has now achieved a professional pilot license using her brains.


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