9 Awesome Tips On How To Kiss A Guy For The First Time

Hey girls, are you new in a relationship?


Hey girls, are you new in a relationship? And are you the one who has never kissed a guy before? If YES, then I must say this article is for you. And, no matter if your answer is NO. Take a look back to your past.

Being a girl, I can understand the situation very well if a girl is all set to make the first kiss as I too have passed through it.
So, when you approach this inevitable moment, you will find it quite natural, simple and easy. Few seconds are always tricky when to kiss a boy for the first time.

1. Prepare yourself beforehand.


Here, I mean to say that be prepared for the moment and brush up your teeth fairly. Chew a mint leaf or minty gum just before the moment so that you breath fresh. After this, you’ll feel confident and it will be quite easy for you to proceed.

2. Keep your lips soft and beautiful.


Apply the perfect lipstick. It should be perfectly smooth and soft so that the guy gets attracted to you.

3. Look good and take care about body odour.


Spend some time in looking good and dressing up well. Pick perfect fragrance perfume and spray over the body. Don’t pick too strong or too mild fragrances.

4. Show him your intentions.


Drop some hints that you are interested in him and want to proceed it to the next level.

5. Get closer to him.


You can do it pretty easily. Just move forward and get closer to him. It will be quite helpful in arousing him.

6. Let him kiss you.


If he wants to kiss you, that’s a good sign for you.

7. Kiss him rather than on lips.


Kiss him around cheeks, hands or forehead before kissing him on lips.

8. Gentle body contact


The body contact can be quite intimate and sexy between you two. Put your hands around him and I think this will the best thing to turn him on.

9. Keep it short and sweet with closed eyes.


As it’s your first kiss, so try to keep it short and sweet one. With time, it can get sexier and long. Try to move your face during the kiss so that he can kiss on your chin or cheeks too and even hands too. Go forward and share these tips with your friends.


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