14 Ridiculous Selfies That Should Have Never Been Taken

Selfies are typically safe images that you take in order to feel better about yourself.


Selfies are typically safe images that you take in order to feel better about yourself. You take on a persona and you want to capture your poses and facial expressions. Selfies are also great to preserve the special moments with your friends during spectacular or even ordinary events.

However, there are some selfies that should have never been done in the first place. Read on!

1. Every girl wanted a selfie with James Franco.


Sadly, it looks like James Franco isn’t interested in any of them. It’s like the selfie apocalypse here!

2. You are what you eat.


You will never look at your peanut butter and jelly sandwich the same way again.

3. This guy seems to be having a lot of fun.


This is a great contrast compared to his teacher who is in pain.

4. This grandmother still likes to have some fun!


Of course, others really didn’t want to witness such a selfie.

5. She needs a naughty pic for Snapchat!


Maybe she could have just asked a guy to take the picture for her.

6. Why would anyone take this picture?


There is nothing interesting or even desirable happening here.

7. And this was their last selfie ever.


Kidding aside, these kids sure have a lot of guts to do something like this.

8. Prepare for doom!


He definitely made us cower in fear.

9. He didn’t want to get expensive plane tickets.


10. She could have just used a smartphone.


Likewise, it would have been totally okay if she didn’t raise the laptop.

11. These selfies are too much for my brain!


Let’s hope that he actually has friend to take pictures with.

12. This is both offensive and hilarious.


It’s alright if she took a picture of herself at that place if she had a solemn expression, but her smile just makes everything undesirable.

13. You should be going to the hospital instead of taking selfies.


Seriously, what is up with people looking for likes on the internet before taking care of themselves?

14. It doesn’t look like they’re enjoying the date.


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