International Space Station Gets Caught On A Video And You Too Can Track ISS

Recently, a video of International Space Station went viral on the internet.


Recently, a video of International Space Station went viral on the internet. It was recorded by a skygazer in Shimla. The video shows ISS moving at a speed of 7.6 kilometers per second, at an orbital height of 400 kilometers. Read on for more information and don’t forget to view the incredible video of ISS moving brightly and rapidly in the clear sky in Shimla (an Indian city).

ISS captured moving rapidly in the sky.


The video of International Space Station was recorded by a skygazer in Shimla.

NASA has eased the process of sighting ISS anywhere in the world.


You can check out the ISS sighting web page to view the sighting opportunities of ISS around the world.

Space station is visible for 1-4 minutes during sunrise or sunset.


During morning and evening, the light from the sun reflects off the ISS making it clearly visible in the sky.

You can also track ISS in your location easily.


Just track your location in the search bar to know the sighting opportunities of ISS.

If exact location is not available, then click on the nearby location.


You’ll get a list of timings when the ISS can be spotted from your location.

ISS finishes nearly 15 orbits in a day.


Thus, it is possible to get multiple sighting windows of ISS in a day.

You can also set up viewing alert of ISS in the sightings window.


NASA provides information about realtime tracking of ISS.

Realtime tracking provides 3 viewing options to the skygazers.


The three components of the real-time tracking are an Orbital view, Satellite view, and Live stream.

Orbital view shows the path and location of space station in the world map.


Zoomed in Satellite view shows the ground below the space station and Live Stream is captured from several cameras on board the ISS.

Watch the incredible video of International Space Station here.

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