In 250 Million Years, Earth May Only Have One Super Continent

Fight, War, Blood! Can you relate this?


Fight, War, Blood! Can you relate this? Think! The whole world is fighting for one reason, and that is ‘boundaries’. Ever imagined how feasible the World without boundaries would be?

People have created boundaries between lands, oceans have boundaries as well, is there anything else left? How can we forget the sky? Even the sky has boundaries.

However, nations don’t need any lines to separate them. Just imagine the world where there are no nations but only one supercontinent? Then, it would be possible for you to travel from Asia to Australia via train or car. But you have to wait 250 million years for this geological miracle to happen.

The earth beneath our feet is not dead; tectonic plates are steadily moving with one another. Natural disasters like earthquake, volcanoes and even the formation of mountains are the results of these movements.

Geologist Christopher Scotese at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, believes that Earth’s continents are not in a stationary position, and they’re continuously moving in motion.

“Fifty million years from now, Australia will be in collision with Southeast Asia to a much larger degree,” he says. Geographically, Africa and Southern Europe will be closer in few million years. The Atlantic ocean will be expanded in a much larger area than it is right now.

The phenomenon, which will eventually shift earth into one supercontinent is expected to happen around 250 million years from now and termed as Pangaea Proxima according to Science.

250 million years more and there will be no boundaries, no nations, and only one massive supercontinent. Have a look!

The phenomenon which is known as Pangea Proxima is expected to occur 250 million years from now and it will form one super-continent across the whole earth.


C.R Scotese produced this animated video which shows the plate motions or the Pangea Proxima, which will take place as time elapses.

Nowadays, plate motion is tracked with the help of satellite positioning instruments which is embedded deep into the ground.


An extensive division can be seen in an Iceland which is because of plate motion.


100 years ago German geophysicist Alfred Wegener first introduced the concept of continent movement.


Africa and South America were like two giant jigsaw puzzles which fit together according to Wegener’s Continental Drift Theory.


Maria Tharp first realized that the mountain ranges and vast valleys were not just found on lands, but their roots can be found under the deep sea as well.


Ocean floors are dotted with the mountain ranges in the above picture.


Maria Tharp helped to map a gigantic submarine mountain in the early 1950s which is situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Magnetic anomalies can be seen on the seabed because of seafloor spreading.


The boundary separates two continental plates.


The earth’s surface is not as rock-solid as we might have thought. Our Earth’s crust comprises of two layers. The lithosphere which is hard, cooler part of the crust which includes the plate themselves- and the asthenosphere, where molten rock travels towards the lithosphere and sometimes breaks at the mid-ocean ridges.

Scotese has explained through animations the movements of the continents over the last 750 million years.

When Mesosaurus was alive, one can walk virtually between any two points on any two continents.


The weirdest part is that skeletons of Mesosaurus are found, not just in South America but Africa as well.

Tectonic activities can be seen on Mars as well.



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