What These Strange Symbols On Your iPhone And MacBook Pro Mean?

An iPhone is an iPhone right! Possessing that phone is the only thing that matters.


An iPhone is an iPhone right! Possessing that phone is the only thing that matters. You’ve always swayed away with the happiness of being a holder of an iPhone. You look at your iPhone constantly; the front, the back, the sides, the earphones that come along. You take a glance at it and just leave it that way. Same happens with the rest of your apple products.
But have you ever thought of what those strange symbols on the back your Apple products stand for?

1. Yes, I am talking about this very series of symbols.


2. This mishmash of letters and symbols is essential for international trade.


3. The “FC” logo hosts a third C, which indicates that the iPhone is Federal Communications Commission (FCC) compliant.


4. This symbol signifies that a device is thrown away after it stops functioning, but it should be actually given for recycling.


5. “CE” (Conformité Européenne) represents the approval of its sale in the European Union.


It is also a European marker.

6. It is a European marker. The number designates who approved it (Cetecom ICT services, an accreditation firm)


7. It is the “alert symbol” which this indicates that a device violates the wireless regulations of one or more member countries.


8. Apple’s MacBook sports all of these symbols (minus the 0682) but also adds two others.


9. Voluntary Control Council for Interference(VCCI) is a Japanese regulatory agency. Their stamp of approval indicates the laptop meets their standards for emitting radio frequency (RF) signals.


10. That checkmark inside the triangle is a Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) used in Australia to indicate electronic devices that are safe to use.



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