13 Makeup Mistakes Every Girl Is Making Their Entire Life

Everyone loves the confidence that makeup gives us.


Everyone loves the confidence that makeup gives us. Wearing makeup is all about looking your best. The application of makeup is an art, and some of us lack the natural talent needed to paint the best version of ourselves.
Let’s be honest, we’re not perfect and we all make mistakes. The point lies in keeping our look natural as possible, this could be done just by adjusting some techniques that will aid you to look youthful, charming and glamorous.

1. Wearing too much and the wrong shade of foundation.

Beautiful face of woman with cosmetic foundation on skin

Foundation can settle into lines and accentuate them, so the fix is to go for a tinted moisturizer and spot treat blemishes or concerns with the concealer. According to makeup artist, Ellis Faas, “Just choose two shades that comes closest to your skin tone, apply each of them to your jawline and then go outside to natural light and look in a mirror”. Then use your own judgement to see which one looks most natural. Also wearing too much of it will not only give you a “cake face” look, but will actually make you look older.

2. Applying makeup on dry skin.


Applying a lot of makeup on dry skin is another big mistake which most of the women do. You must nourish your skin while keeping your makeup fresh all day. Applying foundation to dry skin will accentuate flakiness, and will sit on the top of your face instead of blending it. You must exfoliate it weekly, and later apply a rich moisturizer.

3. Sleeping in your makeup.


This is a huge NO. Most women feel tired and lazy to remove their makeup off before sleeping. As we sleep, our skin goes through a renewing process so that we can wake up rejuvenated, glowing skin after a good night’s sleep. Wearing makeup to bed not only clogs our pores and causes breakouts but takes away our skin moisture and can cause wrinkles and dry skin. So, before going to bed take those extra minutes to remove your makeup and apply skincare regimen.

4. Not cleaning your makeup brushes.


Using filthy makeup brushes, unwashed sponges for a long time is the most common habit among women. It is equivalent of not brushing your teeth. How frequently you should wash your brushes, depends on how frequently you use them. You need to wash your brushes or makeup tools with a mild shampoo or instant brush cleaner and replace your sponges at regular intervals.

5. Applying too much blush too low on your face.


Proper use and application of brush is necessary. A rosy hue on your cheeks is supposed to add the finishing touch to your face, not be the centre of attraction. Putting a lot of blush on the lower part of your cheek can make you look overdone. It is recommended to apply color only to the apples of your cheeks, which will make your face lifted up naturally.

6. Applying lipstick to naked lips.


It is another big mistake if you apply color to naked lips. This color usually does not last longer and may also result in drying out your lips. To avoid this, you must prepare your lips with a papaw ointment or light face moisturizer and let it soak in while you do the rest of your makeup routine. After a few minutes, apply your lipstick. This adds moisture which will ensure that your lipstick doesnot wear off right away.

7. Curling your eyelashes after applying mascara.


Eyelash curlers are very important to give your eyelashes a beautiful curl. You start at the base of lashes and then curl up. If we use an eyelash curler after applying liner and mascara your liner will smudge and create kinks within the wet mascara. If you wait to use your curler after they are dried then you will be prone to breaking lashes or moulding them in an unnatural angle. So it is suggested to curl the lashes before applying liner and mascara.

8. Applying too much face powder.


Wearing face powder after applying foundation helps us to cover oily skin in a proper way. But applying too much of face powder on your face gives you an unnatural look and will also age you tremendously. Apply powder only where you need it or you may also try translucent setting powder which can easily matte the skin to give a natural appearance.

9. Not blending your face to your neck.


Just blending your face correctly, makes your neck look different and gives a caked look. With the proper application of foundation, it is also necessary to blend down your neck as the shade of your face. Otherwise, a line of the foundation is clearly visible at your jawline which looks bad and is one of the biggest mistakes. Also, it is suggested to apply proper moisturizer before blending your face and neck.

10. Over-shading your eyebrows.


Over-exaggeration of eyebrows is a common mistake and must be avoided. Instead, we should use a shade lighter or less intense touch to fill our brows. Women who try to create a fuller brow with a pencil that is much darker, makes you look ugly. You need to brush your hairs up with a brow gel and then fill the gaps or spaces.

11. Not changing your makeup seasonally.


Everyone’s number one mishap is not changing their products over seasons. It’s smart to adjust your skin-care routine according to your complexion’s needs at any given time – but, before introducing a new product, be sure to patch-test it first. Your skin may vary from oily to slightly dry over a course of months through seasons. Changing your skin products accordingly is a must.

12. Do not forget to prime.


To have a proper impact of your makeup it is very necessary to prime the skin, which most women skip. After moisturizing and before foundation application, it is suggested to apply a Skin Primer to create a smoother and a more hydrated face that will help to hold your makeup for a longer time and thus reflects a proper youthful look.

13. Skipping sunscreen


Last but not the least, application of sunscreen on your skin is usually skipped. Sunscreen helps us to avoid skin cancer. It goes for every skin tone. There are tonnes of creams and foundations with sunscreen in them nut they don’t help you to provide enough sun protection. You must apply a cream, that has a 15 SPF before going on with your day.


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