11 Incredible Innovations That Will Make Your Life Ridiculously Superb

The human race is always innovating something to make our life easier.


The human race is always innovating something to make our life easier. Whether it’s a needle or a sword, these innovations always solve our day to day life problems.

So how do we call a new product an innovative product or an innovation?

When I think of new innovations, I think of products that solved a problem we previously thought was not possible.

Here are some new phenomenal innovations.

1. Finger guard that protects your fingers while slicing and dicing vegetables.


Tired of cutting fingers while chopping vegetables? Well, these finger guards can protect your fingers for sure.

2. Environmental friendly disposable batteries.


These battery capsules are available in three different choices – 2Hr, 4Hr and 6Hr.
Once you’re done with these, you can throw these away in an environmental friendly way.
Designed by Tsung Chih Hsien, these battery capsules are the winner of 2014 Red Dot Awards.

3. Thumb hole book page holder.


This is the simplest product ever made. Now hold your book with one hand free.

4. Pizza scissor spatula, a convenient way to cut and place pizza in your plate.


Cut and serve a full size pizza effortlessly with pizza scissor spatula so you can cut and pick up a pizza all in one quick motion.

5. Lego key holder.


Lego key holder is another awesome innovative product which you can build yourself at home.

6. Limited USB on laptop? Get infinite USB plug.


Why didn’t we think of this first?
Irritated because of a limited number of USB ports on the laptop. Now with infinite USB, you can plug as many USB drives as you want.

7. Now barbecue is even easier. Barbecue in balcony with this Handrail Grill.


Now make your barbecuing experience simple and pleasant with Handrail Grill.

8. Mug with biscuit pocket. Now put your biscuit in the mug.


Get your coffee and biscuits within the same mug.

9. Table clip cup holder.


Short on table space? These clip holder will hold any cans or coffee mugs without taking extra space on table.

10. Self stirring mug or the lazy man mug.


Here’s a mug for lazy asses out there. No need of spoons anymore, the mug will do the stirring for you.

11. A revolutionary chameleon pen lets you copy any color and draw with it.


This awesome pen which lets you borrows the colors around you and use it on the paper.
Just scan and start drawing or writing.


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