This 21-Month-Old Baby Swims Just Like A Fish

Arabel is 1 year and 9 months old baby who swims just like a fish in water.


Arabel is 1 year and 9 months old baby who swims just like a fish in water. This little mermaid seems to float effortlessly in the watery environment. The impressive footage of Arabel swimming fearlessly in water is going viral on the internet. This little girl has been swimming for months and it seems that she is a professionally trained swimmer.

Check out the unbelievable story and wonderful video of Arabel swimming like fish in water.

This 21-month-old baby seems to be quite comfortable in water.


It seems that water is the second home of this little mermaid.


Arabel’s parents have full confidence in her abilities.


She seems to be an expert in holding her breath just like professional swimmer in water.


Arabel kept her head lower and aligned with her back while swimming.


You’ll be surprised to know that Arabel has not taken any professional lessons to learn swimming.


This 21-month-old baby is an inborn and instinctive swimmer who has worked it out all for herself.


This young girl might become an Olympic swimmer in future.


Watch the amazing video of little baby swimming like fish in water.

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