Clueless Guys Who Could Do Better Than This!

Men will be men.


Men will be men. Sometimes, they act too funny and even their mistakes make us laugh, sometimes irritating and when it comes about household chores, they lack common sense sometimes.

Here are some day-to-day happenings which can teach them something.

We are sure he will not notice the real thing.


1. He broke her heart.


Just imagine, how happy she became when she know where the guy was? But, the poor man turned her happiness into sadness by playing a prank with her. Wish, she gets someone who will fulfill her wish.

2. He tried to do his best, still failed.


Husband tried to help the wife but couldn’t select potatoes wisely. Wish, he would know not only the numbers but even the size of potatoes matter.

3. He made so many girls lucky with one message.


See, the smartness of the guy. Forwarding same message to many girls at same time. They’ll be happy for sometime but when they’ll know the truth, ” it’ll hurt.”

4. Lazy but smart Husband.


It was my husband’s turn to fold the laundry. So, I went to the office leaving that as it as but on returning I saw the slip. I couldn’t stop laughing on this act of my lazy but smart husband.

5. What a Fancy Feast container!!


A husband packed lunch for her wife in a bowl. Without even caring about the container in which he was putting the food.

6. Autocorrect fail sometimes


Take a lesson from this. Read the conversation completely and if you find something not good. You should ask from the opposite person if he said so or its the autocorrect who’s saying so.

7. Beyonce’s Test


Girlfriend takes her boyfriend’s beyonce’s test to test him if they can stay together.

8. He’s using fingers to stir


If you have nothing to stir, stir your fingers. NO matter how dirty , unhygienic and full of germs your hands are.

9. It’s Height.


Sometimes, even husband with too much height can be hilarious.

10. He just killed the moment.


If a girl sending you her picture and asking to notice then notice herself and her dress. Not the dirty or messy room or anything else. She is showing her new haircut but the boy was too dumb.

11.God, give some common sense to husbands.


She must have banged her head on the wall after watching her husband’s act. Why husbands don’t use some common sense?

12. Why the hell boys treat the girls as their slave?


It’s enough, guys. Grow up and understand that she’s a human too, if you want respect from her then give her too. You too can help her in household chores in spite or ordering all the time.

13. You can use birthday cards for the baby shower day too.


Now, you need not to search much for the baby shower day. See, what an idea came in his mind and the problem get solved.

14. Poor Guy


Social media is not only a boon but a curse too. Because, if you posted something, even if you are joking and the person read it. It’s not necessary he’ll take it in the right way.

15. Who Kicks Faster?


His idea of fun can be painful sometimes.


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