8 Signs You’re Too Old To Be Watching “Teen Wolf”


You’re probably not in this show’s target demographic, but what else are you going to do on your Monday nights?


You know the cast are in their 20s but you still feel like a creep for finding them attractive.

The Beacon Hills High School locker room is the joy and bane of your existence.


You’re so grateful smartphones didn’t exist when you were in high school.

How do teachers even deal with those nowadays?


You’re constantly wondering how Derek Hale can afford that loft and those cars in this economic climate.

Honey, we know you’re unemployed. Where is this money coming from?


You’re repeatedly amazed by how much effort the girls put into their outfits just to go to school.

Seriously, who has the energy to dress like that just to sit through 6 hours of classes?


You’re too concerned about when these students will be able to apply for college or get jobs to pay attention to the actual supernatural plot.

We’re pretty sure you can’t put “True Alpha” on your resume.


You keep referring to the Nemeton as a nematode, which you only know about from Doug Funnie.



You get super uncomfortable whenever the titular teens act all sexy with each other.

Ugh, no, please stop!


Your OTP is Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall.

Forget Sterek. Everyone should be shipping these two.


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