This Cheerleader Was Performing On Court Until Something Unforgettable Happened


All the girls wait for the “perfect” proposal from their boyfriends. But, what Lyndsay got is something which she wouldn’t have even dreamt of all her life. Her boyfriend planned every step of his proposal and made sure that it definitely becomes the most magical moment of her life.

Watch how Alan proposed his love Lyndsay at a crowded basketball game!

A normal basketball game:


Everything in this game was normal until halftime when the Orlando Magic girls came out to perform. Who knew that one of the girls was in for a surprise?

The dance:


The girls performed beautifully and made the entire crowd stand up in amazement.

The plan:


Everything went according to the plan. After the performance, all the girls segregated into 2 groups and Lyndsay was escorted towards the Center of the court.

The final stage:


At this very moment, the guy was at the end holding a ring in his hand. This has got to be the most romantic moment for any girl.



Lyndsay was surprised to see this. Her boyfriend was there on the court on his knees proposing to her in front of thousands of people. She took a moment to understand what was happening.

The moment of truth: yes or no?


The guy waited patiently until the girl came running and hugged him. How on earth can a girl refuse to a proposal like that? They kissed as the crowd cheered for the lovely couple!

The video:

Watch the complete video and find out how Alan gave his Girl the gift of her lifetime.


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