They Were Alone In The Elevator. When The Camera Caught Him Doing This, It Went VIRAL!


The Sheriff Tony Scherb of the El Paso County Office recently retired after 29 years in office. He has a reputation for being “highly professional” and decided to change and go out with a bang lift department.Lucky for us, the camera was rolling when Scherb heard Silentó – “Watch Me” (Whipping / Nae Nae) “The amazing footage went viral with more than three million views.. People around the world are falling in love with this man and his movements. When you think it’s a party, a chief enters the elevator. At first, she is completely immobile, but then also begins to dance! Then the dance is suddenly interrupted when the doors open to the deputy head. The Scherb reaction is hilarious – he gives his boss a professional greeting and tries to pretend that there was nothing funny going on. The head comes out of the elevator, and the duo back to dance …


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