You Won’t Believe What This Girl Looks Like After Taking Ecstasy

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Amy Thompson is a regular 16-year-old Scottish girl. She is pretty, likes to go out with friends, and is quite popular in school. She normally has nothing to do with drugs, but how her life changed after that fateful party, you must see for yourself!

At a party…

Amy was offered a see-through capsule with powder in it , at a party. She and her group just wanted to have some fun, and they were told it’s just ecstasy, and so there was nothing to worry about.

Not as fortunate

Amy’s friends were fortunate, but Amy was not. She went into a coma and her brain got badly damaged. Her mother and her cousin Kayla fear for her at her hospital bed. They want their cheery and loving Amy back.

When she wakes up…

When Amy woke up again, she was not the same: she can hardly speak, her pronunciation is slurred. The worst, however, is she is unable to move and must use a wheelchair.


A women and a man have been arrested in the meantime. They are under the suspicion of having sold contaminated drugs to the teenagers.

Drug users: Beware!

But for Kayla and Amy’s mother it doesn’t matter: they just want their daughter back. Kayla has published a video of Amy on YouTube. It shows what a single pill can do to such a cheery teenager.


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